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Knowledge of Policing, Certificate

Level 3

The Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP) will help prepare those seeking recruitment to the police force as a Constable in England or Wales. The qualification is also relevant to other related roles within the Criminal Justice Sector.

It covers subjects that include supporting victims, interviewing witnesses and suspects, searching people and property, gathering information conducting investigations, criminal law, conflict management and arrest procedures.

Successful achievement of the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing does not in itself provide any guarantee of recruitment as a trainee Police Constable. Each police force within England and Wales sets out its own recruitment process and selection policy and entry requirements vary from force to force. Prospective students are therefore strongly advised to check the specific requirements of their chosen force prior to undertaking study.

In order to join the police, it should be noted that all candidates will also need to pass medical and fitness tests as well as background and security checks and undertake a series of assessments, tests and an interview at a Police SEARCH® assessment centre.

Entry requirements

No formal entry requirements

Day(s) and Time
Start and Duration
Course Code
Day(s) and Time: Flexible
Start and Duration: Throughout the year
1 Year
Course Code: C3POLDAKN

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