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Is your business ready for Hinkley?

What is Hinkley Point C?

EDF Energy plans to build two new reactors at Hinkley Point on the northern Somerset coast next to the existing Hinkley Point A station, which is being decommissioned, and Hinkley B station, which is operational. This project and all of its associated developments are known as Hinkley Point C (HPC).

It will create 900 new jobs at the power stations (for more than 60 years) as well as opportunities for businesses to bid for and win a share of the £16 billion which is being invested in the construction project. There will also be a programme of investment in community wellbeing, education, employment and skills. 

How does HPC affect your business?

Hinkley Point will bring around 25,000 employment opportunities to the South West throughout the lifetime of the build. EDF have agreed that 34% of the employment will be within a 90 minute commute. Although constrcution skills will be in high demand, there are many other skills and disciplines which will be needed for this including:

  • Business and Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Engineering
  • Administration
  • Hospitality and Catering
  • Facilities Management (including security and cleaning)
  • Project Management

What can Weston College do for me?

Weston College can work with businesses, helping to maximise the potential benefits that HPC (as well as other major infrastructure and construction projects) will bring to the area. We can support you to either re-skill or up-skill your workforce and help prepare for the huge impact HPC will have on our economy. Options include:

Flexible and bespoke training solutions

We provide a wide range of learning programmes designed to suit individual business needs, including; work-based learning, blended learning (a mixture of work-based, e-learning and college-based learning), as well as fast track routes for those with existing skills and experience.


Apprenticeships are work-based learning programmes available at levels 2-7. We offer a variety of different apprenticeships which will help provide your business and the learner with the skills needed for the HPC build and day to day operation.
See our apprenticeships page for more information.


The College offers a recruitment process which is already working effectively for over a thousand companies who offer an apprenticeship through us. Our Recruitment Team has extensive public/private sector experience and can help to develop job descriptions, manage and sift applications and support the recruitment process, all free of charge.
See our apprenticeships page for more information.

Brighter Futures Recruitment Apprenticeship Training Agency

In addition to the regular apprenticeship model, our Apprenticeship Training Agency, Brighter Futures Recruitment, is working in partnership with the National Apprenticeship Service to provide a new flexible business offer to all industries. For more information visit the website www.brighterfuturesrecruitment.co.uk or call 01934 411 594.

Sector Based Work Academies (SBWA) and Sector Based Training Academies (SBTA)

SBWAs and SBTAs are available (demand led as and when required) to cater for individual employers needs and/or the needs of a group of businesses. This bespoke training can be centred on a particular topic or identified sector need and can both complement and enhance other forms of training.

Hinkley Point Training Agency (HPTA)

The HPTA has been set up to help meet the skills need of the HPC. It will also support local economic growth and contribute towards meeting the aim of 34% of jobs being within an 90 minute commute and 2% apprentices. It will act as a single skills voice for HPC (adding value to the work of existing skills bodies) and skills brokerage service, including backfilling. 

Weston College has strong links to HPTA and the HPC Jobs Service which will enable the College to promote Hinkley vacancies, match suitable candidates for jobs and also help businesses to backfill vacancies.

Business support and signposting

​The College, along with other partners, has planned for the demands and opportunities that HPC will create. The offer available to businesses includes business support (www.innorthsomerset.co.uk) and signposting to services such as the Hinkley Supply Chain Portal.

To find out more about what training is on offer as well as the wider support and signposting services please call us on 01934 411 594 or email hinkley@weston.ac.uk.

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