Advanced Credit Controller (Apprenticeship Level 2)


Credit management / debt collection is a dynamic function found across all sectors of UK and international commerce. Given the importance of credit management and debt collection, roles are central to many operations, typically setting policies, facilitating sales, managing financial risk and customer relationships. Credit management typically manages and protects cash flow, while debt collection focuses on overdue, late or unpaid money owed to the organisation. Roles are generally fast-paced and target driven, requiring detailed knowledge of law, regulations and the business environment, and skilled practitioners possess excellent technical and interpersonal skills. They are rewarding career choices for self-motivated and enthusiastic individuals who would enjoy a varied role working at the centre of operations.

Entry Requirements

Individual employers will set the selection criteria for their Apprenticeships. It is recommended that employers may want most candidates to have Level 2 Maths and English. Other relevant or prior experience may also be considered as an alternative.

Functional Skills

Apprentices will be required to have or achieve level 2 maths and English prior to completion of their Apprenticeship. If Level 2 has already been achieved then development of further English and maths skills will continue for the whole of the apprenticeship.


18- 24 months.


On completion of this apprenticeship, the apprentice will be fully competent in the role and can continue to develop their career within the organisation through a range of possible pathways. These include senior credit controller/collector, credit risk analyst, team leader and credit manager. If the apprentice chooses to study the suggested CICM qualification, they will become affiliate members of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management. This will put them on the pathway towards full qualification as a credit manager and full professional membership of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management.


Levy paying employers may fund apprentices on this programme from their Apprenticeship Account and non-levy paying SMEs through the co-funded option. There may be a small fee for some SME’s.

End Assessment


The apprentice will complete a structured assignment which will be set by the independent assessment organisation during the end-point assessment phase of the apprenticeship. The structure will ensure that the assignment covers, in a synoptic manner, the core of the Standard and the specialist option that the apprentice has chosen. It will consist of a number of standard questions about the apprentice’s work, covering the knowledge, skills and behaviours. The assignment will require the apprentice to describe how they have applied their knowledge to deliver the services required by the role as described in the Standard. It will also cover the softer skills and behaviours in the standard, e.g. requiring examples of where the apprentice, typically in the last 3-4 months of the apprenticeship, has successfully worked with a customer who is in a difficult situation and come up with a satisfactory and compliant solution. Apprentices will be required to attach selected evidence to support their statements in an appendix, for example a redacted customer letters / calls, details of small projects, emails, customer / peer / manager feedback.

Professional Discussion

The Professional Discussion is a structured interview between the apprentice and the Independent Assessment Organisation’s Assessor (the Assessor), covering the knowledge, skills and behaviours in the Standard. It will explore the content of the assignment, together with how it was produced, providing validation for the assessor of what has been submitted. It will also focus on the core skills and behaviours, e.g. communication, negotiation and decision making, as well as the skills required in the chosen specialist option. It is expected to last at least 45 minutes.

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