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Hey! I'm Maisy, and I recently completed my Digital Marketing Level 3 apprenticeship with Weston College, working for Visit Somerset.

After completing my apprenticeship in March, I was offered the role of Social Media Manager at Visit Somerset, which wouldn’t have been possible without my apprenticeship.

Let me take you through my apprenticeship journey, the highs, the lessons learned, and the growth I've experienced along the way.

Choosing the Apprenticeship Path

Why did I choose an apprenticeship? Simply put, I wanted to learn by doing. I've never been the most academically inclined, so the idea of working on the job while learning was the perfect balance for me. It allowed me to reach my full potential without the pressures of traditional education.

Gaining Unique Skills

One of the most significant benefits of my apprenticeship was developing my interpersonal skills. I had the chance to interact with customers and partners regularly, which boosted my confidence and communication abilities.

Memorable Moments at Visit Somerset

The highlight of my journey with Visit Somerset was an unforgettable trip to Noah's Ark Zoo.

There, I got to try out new animal experiences and help with filming and social media promotion. Feeding lions, bears, and armadillos was an experience of a lifetime that I'll cherish forever.

A Special Project: 'Dog-Friendly Somerset'

One project that's very close to my heart is 'Dog-Friendly Somerset.' I took it upon myself to showcase how pet-friendly our region is by creating a video at The Eastbury Hotel. The project was a massive success and continues to thrive.

Support from Weston College

I can't emphasise enough the support I received from Weston College during my apprenticeship.

My assessor was exceptional. She guided me, ensured I stayed on track, and relieved any worries about deadlines.

Advice for Future Apprentices

If you're considering an apprenticeship, my advice is simple: go for it!

You'll learn, grow, and get paid for doing what you love. I emerged from my apprenticeship more confident and equipped with skills I wouldn't have gained in a traditional job.

My journey from an apprentice to a Social Media Manager has been incredible. It's shown me the power of hands-on learning and the endless opportunities that come with it. So, whether you're starting your apprenticeship journey or just curious about it, remember that it could be the key to unlocking your full potential, just as it did for me.

Maisy, Social Media Manager, Visit Somerset

If you’d like to follow in Maisy’s footsteps and become an apprentice, you can do so by clicking here.

If you’re an employer that would like to recruit talented new staff through apprenticeships, you can do so by clicking here.


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Weston College has been selected to provide the Future Skills Programme, which is funded by His Majesty’s Prison & Probation Service (HMPPS). The College, which provides education to prisoners in the South West, has received funding to assist individuals in the last six months of their sentence. Employment, housing, and support for ex-offenders are essential factors in reducing reoffending rates.

The Future Skills Programme is a national initiative that works with providers to help ex-offenders secure employment by providing training programs, eliminating employment barriers, and offering ongoing support throughout the early phases of employment post-release. The programme will offer six-week courses in hospitality and catering, utilities, construction, and warehousing logistics, and employers will interview learners during the course to offer them job opportunities before leaving prison.

The initiative will launch in March 2025 and offer courses at HMP Exeter, HMP Channings Wood in Devon, and HMP Portland in Dorset. The program is developed with the help of employers who will be involved in the training delivery and will offer those who complete the course a guaranteed interview for a live vacancy in their release area. Weston College is excited to deliver the Future Skills Programme and work closely with employers and learners to develop employment skills and secure jobs before leaving custody.

Jacqui Ford, Interim Principal and Chief Executive at Weston College said:

“Weston College is delighted to have successfully secured this opportunity to deliver the Future Skills Programme. As an existing provider of education in prisons, we look forward to working with partners to mobilise this exciting new initiative, working closely with employers, and supporting learners to develop skills for employment and secure jobs before leaving custody.”

Dave Crew, Head of Business Growth and Employer Partnerships at Weston College, said:

“As an established provider of prison education, we’re seeing an increased level of engagement from employers looking to offer opportunities to fill skills gaps in their business. We regularly hear from our learners that leaving prison can be daunting. Knowing that you have the skills employers need, and a job offer from an employer who believes in you, will make such a difference. I would like to thank those employers including Arthur David and GXO who supported our bid for the Future Skills Programme, and we look forward to engaging with many more businesses to create brighter futures through this initiative.”

Weston College is seeking additional employers to work on this initiative, if you are interested in participating, please contact the employer engagement team at Weston College by emailing employers@weston.ac.uk

Source: Employing prisoners and ex-offenders - GOV.UK 

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