Added Career Benefits at our Sixth Form

Starting this year our A Level learners have had the chance to be a part of our Sixth Form Career Excellence Hub. The hub aims to get learners closer to the world of work by providing useful and high-quality work experience. This work experience will give our students vital skills for the world of work such as punctuality, reliability, and working as part of a team.

Our learners will gain significant industry experience from the Sixth Form Career Excellence Hubs. From studying A Levels there is a huge range of industries for learners to go into, including science labs, fashion and art – among many others! This means that Weston College works with a wide range of employers who are able to provide a diverse range of opportunities that students can be a part of. Learners will be able to transfer the skills they have learned to not only a workplace, but also to their university courses as many of these skills can be applied to both.

The Sixth Form has its own dedicated building at our state-of-the-art Loxton Campus with classrooms, communal areas and access to a great library. Our staff often have experience within industry allowing them to pass on this knowledge to students.

The employers who we work with on our Sixth Form Career Excellence Hubs love them! Emma Cox from Thatchers Cider, said: “Partnering with Weston College ensures that together we can bridge the gap between education and employment to provide the best outcomes and opportunities for students.

For us this is about bringing future talent into the business, working with the college allows us to work with students so that they have both the knowledge and the skills to make informed decisions about their future and choices.”

Neil Criddle from Neil’s Data Consultancy Ltd, said: “It's really important to understand the different paths a student can now take from education into employment.”

For more information on how to apply to Weston College and join our amazing Sixth Form Career Excellence Hub, click here.

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