Bringing Phobias to Life at Puxton Park!

On the evenings of October 25th, 26th, 30th and 31st, learners from our performing & production arts and hair & beauty departments are lending their skills to ‘bring your worst fears to life’ at Puxton Park’s upcoming Phobia event.

In case the name and dates didn’t tell you enough, Phobia is a Halloween themed event which features six different haunted attractions. Our acting pathway learners are placed throughout with one goal; to scare whomever dares to enter!

Behind the scenes, learners from Hair and Make-up for Fashion and Media and Hair, Make-up and Special Effects for Film and Theatre are tasked with preparing all the horrifying hair and mortifying make-up for clowns, zombies and other scary Halloween mascots.

All of the learners involved recently visited Puxton Park and the custom-built set for a dress rehearsal. We managed to tag along and experience the fear first hand! We can put our hands on our fast-beating hearts and confirm that visitors are in for a treat (or trick). The sets and combination of make-up, hair and unhinged acting is truly terrifying and we can’t wait to hear about the fun that they have working at this popular annual event.

One performing arts learner added: "The opportunity at Puxton Park as a freelance actor is fun and different to anything I've tried before.

“A fantastic experience to put on my CV!”

We wish all our learners (and those who attend) the best of luck with Phobia. For more information and to buy tickets, click here to visit the official Puxton Phobia website.

Take a look at the photos from our visit to the dress rehearsal:


Puxton Phobia

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