Five ways data can help your business

Data and Data Analytics is a key component for organisations to levy, becoming an indispensable tool when used correctly. However, it’s not the amount of data that you procure, it’s what you do with it.

With organisations manage rapid data expansion, it is important to ensure that the data managed brings value to your organisation. With an increased volume of big data, it’s now easier than ever to make more accurate and precise data-driven decisions. This enhances the business’ processes, product development, customer loyalty and much more.

Emerging networks and systems such as IoT are producing more and more unstructured data. With the ability and know how to analyse this data, your organisation will be able to make localised processing and decision making.

Here are 5 essential tips for managing your businesses data:

Consolidate Data and Manage Security

As the size or your dataset grows, managing and tracking multiple databases and sources can become increasingly challenging. Consolidating your database management systems could be of benefit: standardising your platform to ensure your teams can work effectively with your chosen solution and ensure continuity across your business and staff training.

Ensure Data & GDPR Compliancy

The requirements for data regulation and compliancy are increasingly topical as business and consumers become more data-adverse. Staying on top of legal obligations, auditing and ensuring staff awareness, training and compliance with your data policies is paramount in avoiding significant financial and reputational penalties.

Select a database application for your business.

From spreadsheets to data lakes, selecting a data solution to fit the requirements of your business can be a minefield with a wide variety of open and commercial platforms. It is essential to select a data solution that provides the flexibility and manageability to meet your requirements, without making data overcomplicated or inefficient.

Data Integrity

Data integrity can be compromised through misconfiguration, human error or malicious acts. It is important that steps are taken to ensure that data integrity is maintained to lower the risk of making business critical decisions on incomplete or incorrect data. Managing storage solutions, backups, staging environments and snapshots are critical to maintain data performance and integrity.

Analyse Trends and Maximise Efficiency

Trend analysis can improve your business by helping you identify areas with your organisation that are doing well and areas that are not doing well. This allows you to maximise your efficiency by making effective decisions. Do your sales always drop in the summer? If so, what are you doing at other times of the year to improve sales performance?

At Weston College we help you develop your data analytics team. We offer digital apprenticeships in data as well as cyber security. Our apprentices will be able to analyse and visualise data, ensuring that the organisation is making precise, informed decisions. They will be able to support your organisation in various areas, such as forecasting, product development and business relations by accessing real time unstructured data and turning it into actionable, smart data.

Tech Weston

With digital skills being fundamental to economic growth and recovery, Weston College continues to engage with and listen to employers ensuring we understand the support businesses need to thrive, whether it’s upskilling the existing workforce or accessing future talent. We have been working with leaders across the tech industry to evolve our offer to ensure Weston College is the training destination for tech talent.

We’ve developed and streamlined our website to make is easier for employers to understand and access the wealth of learning opportunities and expertise available. Discover the newly created TECH WESTON web page, and see the range of bespoke training, online courses, skill-specific bootcamps, apprenticeship programmes to industry placements:



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