Five Ways to Protect Your Business from a Cyber Attack

Working from home has brought challenges to businesses across the world, and one of these impacts is the rise in cyber-attacks.

Back in March when the country went into its first lockdown, many organisations weren’t used to, or even prepared for home working – which created an opportunity for cybercriminals. With many organisations quickly putting procedures in place, certain security measures and requirements were missed.

A recent study in America (Enduring from home: COVID-19's impact on business security, by Malwarebytes) found that 20% of respondents had experienced a security breach as a result of remote working.

With that astonishing figure of 1 in 5 companies experiencing a security breach, more needs to be done by businesses to help keep them protected.

Here are 5 ways to help protect your business:

Run training sessions on cyber security

It is important to educate your employees and ensure that they are made aware of the latest best practice. Running regular training can support will ensure that they are following the recommended procedures and understand the risks.

Make use of Cloud Services

As a business you should look to use cloud services where possible for the storage and management on your files. Your employees should be encouraged not to save files on their own documents to ensure you do not break any laws and keep the businesses information safe.

Use Two Factor Authentication

Your organisation can use two factor authentications to ensure that even if cyber criminals get past the first line of defence using a password. It will be near impossible to get past your second layer of security unless they have access to the employees' phone or similar device.

Backup your data

Cyber criminals will sometimes seek to lock you out of your files, so it is best to ensure that you have backed up your files. You should also look to encrypt your data, as this is described as “the most efficient fix” to protect data.

Instil a cyber culture

Cyber needs to be ingrained in your team, from the top of the business to the bottom, and then this will help protect against attack.

At Weston College we help you develop your cyber team. We offer digital apprenticeships in data as well as cyber security. Our apprentices will be able to act as the first line of defence with cyber security support. They can monitor and detect potential security threats and escalate as necessary and to support secure and uninterrupted business operations of an organisation through the implementation of cyber security mechanisms and the application of cyber security procedures and controls.

For more information on the support we offer, click here.

Sean Shearing, Curriculum Coordinator Digital Degree Apprenticeships

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