Galliford Try Advocate Weston College T Levels

In September 2021, the first ever cohort of Construction T Level learners will start at Weston College.

T Levels provide learners with the opportunity to gain at least 45 days’ worth of work experience with a relevant employer, carrying out their Industry Placement to really hone what they learn in the classroom.

The Construction T Level, focusing on career routes into architecture, design and surveying, with other pathways in building services and on-site construction due to roll out over the coming years.

It isn’t only learners that are recognising how important T Levels are, with employers advocating the new qualification. T Levels bring organisations an opportunity to; by build a pool of new talent, gain support from an additional pair of hands, who can bring fresh ideas and provide them with the opportunity to mould a learner into a future employee.

Leading construction company, Galliford Try, has pledged their support to Weston College and committed to take on Construction T Level learners for their Industry Placement during their T Level.

David Bowdley, Operations director at Galliford Try, said: “T Levels present an exciting opportunity for us to invest in local talent, and develop learners who could become the future leaders in our business.

“Weston College is renowned locally for being a leading provider of talent, whether that be through apprenticeships or industry placements, so we are delighted to partner with them and become one of the T Level endorsers.”

T Levels are delivered over a two-year period and provide an alternative to A Levels for 16 to 19-year-olds who would rather study work-related courses than traditional academic subjects. They provide a mix of industry-specific technical knowledge and practical skills and an industry placement of at least 45 days.

Dr Paul Phillips CBE, Principal and Chief Executive of Weston College Group, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Galliford Try, and look forward to hearing stories about how our learners have helped them on their major projects within our region.

“These new Construction T Level programmes are going to be highly desirable for school leavers as the programme is built to be beneficial for both our learners and employer network, meaning we are all working together to get learners job-ready.”

You can find out more about the Construction T Level, by clicking here.


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