Inspiring Future Female Entrepreneurs with NatWest

40 of our Female Business learners attended the NatWest Dream Bigger programme at the Natwest Accelerate Building in Bristol – a Hub for Entrepreneurship.

NatWest Dream Bigger is a programme aimed at creating a generation of strong, empowered women of the future by inspiring young women to understand their potential and to strive to achieve in their chosen area of interest.

Throughout the day students worked in teams to develop their creative minds and attempt to create entrepreneurial solutions to current global issues.

Subject area manager for Business, Ben Melhuish added: "The Natwest Dream bigger programme allowed our female learners to reflect upon their aspirations to engage with entrepreneurship and provided them with the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs that are supported by Natwest’s Accelerate programme.

"Overall this was a fantastic, thought-provoking experience which our students definitely made the most of. Meeting other young entrepreneurs was particularly inspiring and relatable."

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