Spacebar Learner Creates Festive Website!

One of the incredible benefits of completing a T Level is the invaluable industry experience that comes as part of the course. The Digital T Level learners have developed a business named Spacebar, which aims to assist local businesses in the creation of their online presence, particularly websites. Through the creation of this business, the T Level learners are able to gain their industry placement, as well as helping out the local community and increase the success of small businesses in and around Weston.

One of the learners involved with Spacebar is Adam. One of his recent projects was to create a website for Santa’s Grotto, coming to Weston for Christmas, which you can find here.

We sat down with Adam and asked him all about the creation of this amazing website, and his experience of working as part of Spacebar.

Adam explained he volunteered himself to take on the project after being given the required information and researching his inspiration for the website. After Adam was told the client would be stopping by later than afternoon to see the finished project the pressure increased to get the website complete for his visit, without rushing and compromising the quality. In a four-hour timespan, he was briefed on the project, researched his inspiration, built the website, and had a consultancy meeting with the client to amend any issues!

The professionalism and efficiency of Spacebar is something that comes with practice and dedication. Adam shared the best part of being at Spacebar: “For me, it has to be the development of skills that we are all achieving, whilst mainly learning how to develop high quality websites for clients. We are also learning how to communicate effectively with clients, and work really well as a team.”

Adam expressed his most challenging part of Spacebar is that he isn’t there enough! As the placement only requires the learners to be at their industry placement for one day a week, he explained he finds it difficult fitting all his work into just one day. “We are only in 1 day a week at the moment as part of our course, meaning we are limited on time. It also just takes time to learn how to speed up the different things that you need to know with WordPress.”

His plans for after his course finishes is to go into either the Cyber Security or Web industry: “These are the 2 subjects that are the most interesting to me and I believe they offer a potential promising future with enough work and focus.”

Finally, Adam provided some advice for those looking to follow in his footsteps, based on his own experience: “My advice would be to just be yourself; Spacebar is a great place to be during your industry placement, it is great how you are able to work with a team of friendly people that you are familiar with.”

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