Student’s Celebrate Outstanding GCSE Results

Weston College has an outstanding set of English and Maths GCSE results again this year.

Students are celebrating today (Thursday 20 August) - young people who strived to get the grades they just missed out on before, and adult learners who returned to education with support from families, friends and employers, were able to access their results online this morning to reveal the crucial grades that will determine their next steps.

Some of the tremendous successes recorded at the College include:

"I'm very happy with my results and I'm looking forward to starting the Level 3 course. For those who might not have achieved what they wanted, this was my third attempt and I've still been able to go to college and remain on track to getting where I want to be. You will get there in the end!"

"After living in China for 9 years I jumped on a plane to come and study my GCSEs at Weston College to enable me to go onto Uni. My teachers have been really supportive and amazing."

"I'm now closer to being able to achieve my career goals. I'd like to thank the staff that support students with mental health and my teachers for helping me to get from a grade 3 to a grade 5 in just 8 months!"

"I’m feeling very pleased with my results, it’s a big weight lifted off my shoulders, as I can now go off to University. Thanks to my teachers for helping me to progress.” His advice to other learners: “Don’t worry about the past results keep your mind on the next set of exams and keep pushing through."

"It wasn’t just students celebrating today, Kelly Peters, mother of Bailey Williams, from Banwell said: "I'm impressed with the effort and resilience Bailey shows in all areas of study. He's got the Maths result he needs to progress on to the next level of his BTEC and I couldn't be prouder." Bailey added: “Studying GCSEs alongside my BTEC was challenging at first but it got a lot easier as the staff helped me to relax. Don't give up, and make sure you do yourself proud more than anything." 

The Principal Dr Paul Phillips CBE commented; “At the beginning of the year we had a significant number of learners who had not achieved prior to joining us, together with over 350 adult learners also keen to succeed and use these skills to enhance their career aspirations”.

He went on further to praise both his staff and the commitment of learners.

“The dynamism of everyone involved has resulted in the pass rates increasing by 14% overall, setting an exemplary standard for the future.”

If any students need any advice regarding GCSE results, applications or next steps, our GCSE Guidance Surgery will be taking place over the next few days, call 01934 411 481 to book an appointment. 

If you are interested in doing your GCSE English or Maths click here to find out more.

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