TECH WESTON - Tackling the tech talent demand head-on

TECHWESTON - How Weston College is Tacking the Tech Talent Demand Head-on...

The pandemic has driven a higher demand and reliance on tech skills across all industry sectors and across the entire UK. It’s no surprise, therefore, that digital skills are recognised as fundamental to supporting economic growth and recovery.

More locally the Bristol region continues to grow as a digital hub, hosting more than 10,000 technology companies, and Weston College has been asking and listening to employers across our region to understand what support their businesses need to thrive, whether it is upskilling their existing workforce or accessing future talent.

To ensure Weston College is the training destination for tech talent, the College continues its work with leaders in the tech industry so that we continue to evolve our offer. The breadth of learning opportunity available at the College can be discovered via TECH WESTON, an initiative created to provide an easy route to explore the range of bespoke training that is available to businesses, large or small, via online courses, skill-specific bootcamps, apprenticeship programmes or industry placements at Weston College.

Dr Paul Phillips CBE, Principal and Chief Executive of the Weston College Group, said: “The region is a beacon for tech talent, hosting clusters of innovators in AI, robotics, biotech, VR, HealthTech, GreenTech, FinTech, LawTech, Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing, and Quantum Computing.

“Through TECH WESTON, we intend to grow and develop our provision to meet the emerging skills required by employers to ensure we respond to the changing environment and continue to create brighter futures for our learners and employer network.

“At Weston College we want to work with you personally, to understand your needs and develop strong and lasting relationships, thereby ensuring that via TECH WESTON we can continue to support the growing digital tech industry in our region.”

Learn more about the range of Learn more about the range of learning opportunities at TECH WESTON via this link: www.weston.ac.uk/techweston

Our team are on-hand to provide more information and support any queries. Contact us now via the website or email employers@weston.ac.uk.


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