What Was It Like Doing A Business Industry Placement During Lockdown?


Meet Sam ... Sam is on the Business BTEC Extended Diploma, which covers a wide range of skills required in a variety of roles in the business world. The course covers:

Business BTEC
  • marketing
  • starting up a small business
  • accounting
  • recruitment and selection
  • human resource management
  • law
  • finance
  • events management
  • international business
  • customer services
  • digital marketing
  • training
  • creative product promotion
  • visual merchandising and more ...

As part of the course students undertake 315 hours of industry placement, to ensure they get real-life experience to prepare them for employment once they have competed the course. Sam joined Martyn at Gold Dust Training who helps businesses make more profitable sales through sale training, coaching and consultancy. We caught up with Sam who told us about his industry placement.

“I am the Social Media Manager at Gold Dust Training, this includes editing videos, modernising blogs and training workshops and updating any social media sites, such as creating channel banners for the YouTube channel to add a visual appearance to attract the target customer.

“I’m currently on the Business BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma. It’s a really good course for keeping your options open or learning more about a specific area. For me, I’m interested in marketing and events management which are both covered in the course.

“You learn a large variety of skills from teamwork and communication to presentations and public speaking and get the chance to develop your career in the specific career development in business unit!

“I work well with coursework and that is one of the main reasons why I chose this course. There’s also lots of transferable skills that you can learn too! Whilst I was applying to Weston College I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, this course has helped me decide and taught me all the necessary skills for any job, not just a business job.

After this course, I am going to the University of Plymouth to study Events Management. Looking back, my advice to any first years is to start looking for a placement early so that when the time comes to begin one, you can go straight into it and get your hours in.”

Martyn, Sales Trainer, Gold Dust Training, added: “I'm blown away by Sam's ideas and expertise. As a result of enhancing my content, it's my hope that he'll absorb the modern-day sales related messages and have the confidence to use them in his future working life.

“The main project Sam has helped my business with is improving the presentation of my various sales training products, blogs, articles and videos. I work hard to continually refresh the messages and he adds the vital extra ‘zing’ to help them have impact visually for my target audience. He’s also given advice on maximising use of the platforms I use such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Sam and I agreed a strategy to share content 4- 5 times per week which has resulted in some new training opportunities as well as increasing the amount of video-based training I provide.”

Helen George, Dean of Faculty said: “Throughout all of the lockdowns our number one priority has been to ensure our learners continue to learn. It’s great to have such an inspiring employer who supports our mission to encourage learners to go above and beyond, it has been a challenging year but there are so many students who have continued to thrive. A business course is a great option, the skills you develop are all transferable and will assist in your future employability, even if you are unsure what career path you want to take.”

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