You’re Hired! The Apprentice Comes to Weston College

Students studying towards their BTEC Extended Diploma in Business at Weston College have put their skills to the test in a real life ‘Apprentice’ style challenge in a project set by Weston Hospice Care.

Weston College Business learners are currently putting their knowledge and skills to the test in an Business Enterprise Challenge. Eleven groups of Business learners are competing in the challenge where eleven business leaders are mentoring each group. The mentors have given their group of learners a £50 investment, to help set up and run their own business. They have also provided their groups with expert business insights and advice, which has been invaluable to the learners. Each group are required to source products, develop a pricing strategy, marketing campaign and sell the products to their target consumers, with the ultimate aim of raising the most profit. 100% of the profits earned as part of the challenge will go to Weston Hospicecare.

Learners were kindly allocated a space in the Sovereign Centre to sell their products to members of the public which has allowed them to demonstrate their leadership, negotiation, customer service, sales and team working skills.

Emma (Business learner) said: “Participating in a project like this has allowed me to develop so many skills in sales, finance, teamwork and making decisions under pressure. It’s great to do something outside of your college lessons with my peers because it provides so many different opportunities and was just great fun. We really benefitted from having a retail space in the Sovereign Centre. Also having a Mentor for the project, has given us a great opportunity to network, but also to gain regular feedback from someone who is an expert in the real world. Her kind support has allowed us to raise lots of money for Weston Hospice Care and she has provided us with lots of opportunities for the future. It was a brilliant experience and I would love to do something like this again in the future."

Projects such as help to immerse our learners in the local community and grow their understanding of the local landscape and the impact of social action. As well as reducing our carbon footprint, Weston College is committed to creating brighter and greener future for our community.

Ben Melhuish (Subject Area Manager for Business) said “The Enterprise Challenge has put the students’ business acumen to the test and enabled them to polish their professional presence as they engaged with the business world around them. I am extremely proud of their achievements and overwhelmed with their performance to date. We even had the Mayor come and visit the learners yesterday to offer his support.”

We are currently counting up how much the learners have raised for Weston Hospicecare.

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