Associate Lecturer

Animal Management

Hello everyone, I am passionate about the conservation of wild animals and wild places. Over the years I have become something of an accidental herpetologist with a particular fondness for reptiles including turtles, tortoises, snakes, and lizards! I am also extremely passionate about marine wildlife and birds too. If you share in those passions, I am always up for a chat about how amazing these animals are!

I teach on units covering feeding, accommodating and moving animals as well as animal behaviour so far. I have broad interests myself and enjoy the scientific side of things!

I have a BSc in Conservation Biology and Ecology with Exeter University and an MSc in Wild Animal Biology with the Royal Veterinary College of London. I have only had a short career so far, but I have plenty of experience in in-situ conservation of sea turtles in the Mediterranean. In that position I was responsible for protecting green and loggerhead nests from people/predation as well as ensuring as many hatchlings made it to sea as possible.

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