Tech Genius IT helpdesk

‘Tech Genius’ is an IT helpdesk run by computing students to assist with a variety of IT problems - everything from virus issues to Sims cheats.

Students at Weston College have access to a unique IT problem-solving service.

The project was originally set up to provide IT support and solutions for fellow students, but it’s become so successful that it’s also used by College staff.

For the Tech Genius students it’s as much about learning about customer service and satisfaction as it is about using their IT knowledge to help others.

Tech Genius is now part of a work experience module for HE computing students, giving them experience of running an IT help-desk.

Louise Hutson, Weston College's Learning Technologist, who introduced the concept of Tech Genius - “I went to a conference about getting staff more involved in IT and I came across the concept of 'tech buddies'. I was thinking about support for Weston College students and so this idea of having your peers mentor you developed. There is a lot of computing talent at Weston College and it's great to see it being put to good use.”

Dan Fay, who is studying a Foundation Degree in Applied Computing, is one of the ‘Tech genii’ - “We're dealing with a wide range of issues and questions, everything from sorting out laptops to fixing viruses. The students seem comfortable bringing their IT problems to fellow students so in that respect it is working well.”

Josh Worth is studying the same course and also works on the helpdesk - “Word of mouth has spread about the service and we're getting queues at the help-desk. So far, we haven't come across anything we can't handle in terms of repairs or advice, and it's great experience for the future if I decide to go for a customer-facing role.”

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