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This workshop offers an introduction into working within counselling with self-compassion. You’ll gain/learn how to: An understanding of what self-compassion contains The importance of compassion Self-care…
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LGBT CPD Workshop This workshop offers an introduction into LGBT within the sector of counselling. You’ll gain/learn how to: An understanding of what LGBT stands for History of LGBT Expel existing myths Explore…
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What will I do on this course? This course will provide you with the practical and theoretical skills to pursue a career in counselling. You will learn a variety of communication skills which could benefit you in any…
Level 3
Full Qualifications
This course will develop your counselling skills and is essential if you are looking to pursue a career in counselling. It’s aimed at those who have a range of life experiences and wish to channel them into supporting…
Level 2
Next Steps
This workshop provides a greater understanding of working therapeutically in the challenging area of grief and loss, and will build confidence and skills when working with individuals in this area. The course covers…
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This workshop will explore a variety of creative Interventions and provide vision, tools and resources for those working within the supporting industries. You’ll learn how to: An introduction into creative ways of…
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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) will enable you to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill-health and provide first-aid help. This internationally recognised course won't teach you to be a therapist but, like ‘…
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