Wednesday Working Lunch

03 June 2020 – 05 August 2020 12:00 – 13:00

We are meeting every Wednesday, 1:00pm - 2:00pm, for 10 weeks, starting in June, to share ideas over lunch.

Each week will have a different theme, and we will hear from a leader in each area (please click any that you would like to book on):

  • 3rd June - Supporting the mental health of your workforce: COVID-19 has presented many challenges for employers, including how we manage the mental health of our workforce in a challenging time. Join our Wednesday Working Lunch to develop an awareness and understand mental health challenges, and share solutions with our employer partners, including support available with Weston College.
  • 17th June - Looking ahead to plan your future workforce: There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had an impact on the way in which we work, do business, and how we look forward to plan our future workforce. Join our Wednesday Working Lunch to share your experience and understand the range of skills and training support available with Weston College.
  • 8th July - What will the future workforce look like? (Recruitment and managing remote teams). Delivered by Tracey Clay: The human race is resistant to change but when forced to change by external forces, it in fact, adapts really quickly and effectively. The Global Pandemic has driven urgent, immediate and unthinkable pre Covid-19 ways of working and living. What does the post Covid-19 world of work look like? What skills and expertise will be most in demand? The changes this crisis has brought about has profoundly and permanently changed the way in which we approach work & life. Will this bring forth a Post COVID Utopian or Dystopian world of work? As we look back on the Pandemic and to the future, what will be the impact on the way we manage our approach to our people? How agile have you been and what lessons have been learned?
  • 15th July - How industry placements can support your business: Weston College has hundreds of learners supporting businesses through valuable industry placements each year. From creating websites to social media marketing plans, to supporting an employer with a specific project and in return, gaining valuable work experience. Join our Wednesday Working Lunch to understand the range of support available with Weston College and hear from an employer that has seen the benefits of industry placements.
  • 22nd July - Defining your brand for the "new normal" Delivered by Phillipa Haynes: Is your brand fit for purpose in the new normal?  Join our Wednesday Working Lunch and find out how you can review, refresh and re-launch your brand vision and values to better reflect the new business landscape, further inspire and resonate with your customers and deliver a culture which responds to the changes in the world and employee mindset.
  • 5th August - Building a future workforce: As employers, many of us are beginning to understand what our workforce must look like in the future. Join us for this Wednesday Working Lunch to understand the free recruitment support available with Weston College, and how we’re supporting employers to access funding to train their existing staff.

Each meeting will take place over Zoom, and we will send out the details two days before the event.

We look forward to collaborating, and preparing for life after Covid-19.


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