Getting to Weston College is easy as all three of our main campuses have great transport links across the region. 

All of our campuses are easily accessible by road, train and bus. Weston-super-Mare’s main station is on the main line between Bristol and Exeter, and all three of our main sites are close to bus stops.

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we are encouraging positive changes in the way we all travel to college every day. Promoting more ecological travel options will help to reduce environmental impacts and will benefit our staff, students and local communities.

On this page you will find how to get to College by bus (using local services and dedicated College coach services) and trains, how to buy tickets and much more ... 

UPDATE AUGUST 2022: You may have heard that some of the local bus services may no longer be running from October. Please be assured we are in discussions with the local council and First Bus to ensure this does not affect our learners. We will keep you all updated via email or our social media channels. Even if there is some impact to these services, please don’t worry as we have our own services with Bakers Dolphin that serve all these areas. Any queries, please contact schoolteam@weston.ac.uk who will be able to help or speak to our advisor via Live Chat below.


Options for traveling more sustainably...

We’re not saying you need to stop driving completely! Try leaving your car at home a few days a week or maybe park further away and walk the rest of the journey to reduce your daily carbon footprint.

59% of our students currently use public transport. Scroll down to read more about our subsidised transport options for students as well as bus timetables.

If you live close to your campus, walking to college can help to clear your mind and relax as you increase your step count. Walking as a group also makes for safer travel and a chance to be more social!

You’ll be able to secure your bike using the cycle racks which are available at all three of our main campuses. As our sites are easily accessible by road, you shouldn’t have any problems if you choose to use your bike to get here. Visit the Better By Bike website for useful information about cycling in the West and a useful Cycle Planner tool for preparing your route.

Reduce the number of cars on the road, maximise the number of parking spaces! Lift sharing is one of the best ways for students and staff to reduce their carbon footprint. Be more social, save money and reduce stress from your morning routine. Staff are invited to sign up and use the Join My Journey app. This is a free to use journey and car sharing portal where colleagues can network and arrange lift shares to reduce the number of cars on the road.

Please click here to read our Framework Travel Plan which identifies our key targets.


Our subsidised bus pass is one of the most generous in the area and offers substantial discounts on travel across the West of England. 

The pass is valid on all local First Group buses 24 hours a day during term times, and comes in either a five-day or seven-day variant. 

It doesn't have to be used solely for College-related travel - there are no restrictions on what kind of travel you can use it for. 

The College has continued to expand the number of direct coach services to the College. Direct routes from Bridgwater, Nailsea, Clevedon and Portishead mean that you can get to College even faster and more efficiently than normal bus routes. The College bus pass covers you for both the public and direct College services.

Click here to buy your bus pass now

Weston College students have a choice of two bus operators in order to meet the needs and travel patterns of all students. We offer you the choice of two subsidised bus travel passes - which you choose will depend on where you are travelling from and whether you wish to use the service outside of college hours. Both passes are in the form of an app and allow you to track journeys, as well as the operators working with us to provide the most sustainable transport offer to our students.


First Bus

Our First Bus Pass offer is one of the most generous in the area and gives you substantial discounts on travel across the West of England. The mTicket is valid on all local First Group buses 24 hours a day during term-times and comes in either a five-day or seven-day option. It doesn’t have to be used solely for college-related travel – there are no restrictions on what kind of travel you can use it for! Students simply purchase a voucher code via the College online shop and enter that on the First Bus app.

5 days a week £90

7 days a week £135

Apprentices pass 17 weeks £135

Prices are per term (3 term year)

Bakers Dolphin
Travel Pass

We have continued to expand the number of direct coach services to the College. These services provide a direct inward and outward journey every day of the academic year to all of our campuses. All students need to do is purchase directly via the Bakers Dolphin passenger app or their website. We now operate direct routes via Bakers Dolphin from: Bridgwater, Blagdon, Cheddar, Clevedon, Nailsea, Portishead

Per term £90


All campuses are in walking distance of Weston-super-Mare train station, alternatively a short bus journey via the First Bus network is also available. The vast majority of our students can access railcards that provide up to a 1/3 off travel. Click the below for more information.


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