State-of-the-art Nursing Simulators arrive at Health and Active Living Skills Centre

Our Health and Social Care students can now practise clinical procedures under lifelike conditions thanks to the arrival of four new residents at the new Health and Active Living Skills Centre.

The state-of-the-art medical mannequins – known as ‘Nursing Anne’ and produced by Laerdal – are the latest addition to the new centre’s impressive simulation hospital ward.

Nursing Anne Dummy Face

It is the first nursing simulator to cover every aspect of modern nursing education, from basic assessments and critical thinking to advanced interventions. These interactive dummies will allow students to train for the multitude they could encounter in an actual hospital ward.

As well as looking lifelike, the dummies can be programmed to say specific phrases and react to learners’ actions in order to improve team performance within a risk-free environment. Learners can also take temperatures, and blood pressure and heart readings from the dummies, and observe vital signs using the monitors.

All of these can be operated remotely for realistic emergency simulations for assessment situations.


Nursing Anne Monitor

Over the summer, staff have been training with the new equipment. Head of Faculty for Education, Health and Lifestyle, Bobbie Swift, said: “These patient simulators will help to bring the curriculum to life and allow learners to put theory into practice.

“Learners will now benefit from participating in realistic practical sessions together with advanced digital learning.

“Thanks to funding from the Local Enterprise Project, we can now perform realistic health testing for a diverse range of illnesses to start teaching based on industry needs and continue to develop relationships with local employers and training providers.”


Checking blood pressure

Darren, from Laerdal, who provided the training, added: “The aim here is to improve healthcare education and build a safe place to practically practise and troubleshoot, which is imperative before applying skills and knowledge to a real person.

“These sophisticated simulators are more than just plastic. Compared to the older dummies, these provide a more realistic interaction for students which gives them a better representation of a real-life situation.”

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