Human Resources or Industrial Relations Officer

Human resources and industrial relations officers conduct research and advise on recruitment, training, staff appraisal and industrial relations policies and assist specialist managers with negotiations on behalf of a commercial enterprise, trade union or other organisation.


  • Deals with grievance and disciplinary procedures, and with staff welfare and counselling provision.
  • Advises on training and recruitment, negotiating procedures, salary agreements and other personnel and industrial relations issues.
  • Interviews candidates for jobs.
  • Assists with negotiations between management and employees or trades unions concerning pay and conditions of employment.
  • Develops and recommends personnel and industrial relations policies, assists with their implementation and drafts staff handbooks.
  • Undertakes research into pay differentials, productivity and efficiency bonuses and other payments.

Typical Education Level

Honours, Bachelor's degree

Will retirement created job openings

In the UK, 6% in this profession are aged 55 or above.* They will likely retire in the next 10 years, creating a demand for new workers

*This is based on national data


Average annual earnings

The current average wage for human resources or industrial relations officer is £24,432

4,393 positions

Current Employment

The number of jobs in the career for the current year is 4,393. Job counts include both employed and self-employed persons, and do not distinguish between full- and part-time jobs.


Job Postings

Over the past year, jobs have been posted for human resources or industrial relations officer roles.

How well does it pay?

Normal pay for this occupation is £24,432 per year. That is about £2,036 per month or £12.53 per hour. New workers generally start on £10,909, while highly experienced workers can earn as much as £55,579

Is it growing or declining?

This career has remained the same over the last 2 years, and is expected to remain the same over the next 4 years. Currently, 4,393 people are employed in the region.

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