Business Lecturer

I wanted a course more practical and this choice allowed me the flexibility to work alongside it. I really enjoyed my BTEC and formed lovely relationships with my lecturers who encouraged me to consider going to university, this was something I hadn’t considered at the time.

My tutor helped me submit an application to UCW and even arranged for me to meet the lecturers. Whilst on my BTEC I expressed the possibility of wanting to be a teacher at FE level, the team were extremely positive and offered me guidance on the qualifications I would need and what pathways they undertook to get into the career. This really inspired me to pursue higher education.

After I graduated, I started working at UCW. It was during this time I was also given the opportunity from Ben Melhuish and Helen George to shadow in the classroom to see if this was a career path that I could follow. 3 months later I joined the team and have now been teaching full-time for 6 months.

I want to inspire other young people like me who arrive at Weston College disconnected to education and unaware of what it can do for them. Studying at Weston College has made me appreciate and see the value of education, studying business here was the best decision I ever made!

Having the opportunity to teach students on the same course that I completed, allows me to relate to the exact same situation they are in and offer a different perspective.

My advice would be to pursue anything that makes you happy, I have studied business courses for the last 6 years (GCSE to Degree) as I have a great passion for the subject. I would advise students to choose something they have an interest in. Before I made this decision I looked at many other subjects that I thought would offer me better prospects, however I see the value in choosing something that you feel passionate about.

The facilities at Weston College and UCW are fantastic, I love the open learning spaces and spacious classrooms.

Weston College really changed my perspective on education and learning and has allowed me to achieve things I never felt possible.

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