HNC in Electrical Engineering (year 2) and Level 3 Apprenticeship as Support Technician (year 4)

“I was in a bit of a tough spot before applying for an apprenticeship course. I had to choose between studying and working full-time to pay bills...

Clearly, the latter took priority and I found myself stuck in job roles that didn’t provide career or personal growth past the initial training. Once I found out that working and earning a qualification simultaneously was a real possibility,

I looked into fields that I had no experience in, but I still felt an interest towards. With no knowledge of how electronics work or how to use any mechanical tools, I managed to land an apprenticeship with Oxford Instruments and Weston College.

Nearly four years in, and I already have established a solid career path, I’ve learned things that I thought would be difficult to grasp, and the opportunity for further growth is ever present.

For anyone on the fence about being in the engineering field, don’t be discouraged about the fact that you don’t know what half the tools even do. The best way to learn is hands-on, which an apprenticeship provides an amazing opportunity for."

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