Coming to Weston College

Let’s get started How do you start a course at Weston College? We’ve put together this step-by-step guide.

1. Look ahead

The choice of careers or degree courses is a bit baffling. If you’re not sure what you want to do, think about the subjects you’re best at and what you enjoy. Quiz our School Progression team – they visit secondary schools and answer questions about the College and our courses.

If you’re in Year 10, look out for our ‘taster days’ in the summer term, when you can come to College for the day and try some fun workshops.

2. Pick a subject

We’ve got courses on everything, from accounting to tourism. You could go for something ‘vocational’ – which has more of a practical approach and leads directly to a specific job or A Levels. Both vocational and A Level courses can lead to degree-level study, or employment.

We can help you choose – check out our courses online or come to an open evening.

3. Choose a level

In each course area you can choose from different levels. Your GCSE grades (or predicted grades) will help you choose which level is right for you.

No qualifications? No problem – there are a range of options available, call us to find out more!

4. Apply for a course

Once you’ve chosen a course at the right level for you, get applying. Watch out because some courses fill up quickly.

There are two ways to fill in your application form:
1. Use the form at the back of any Weston College prospectus
2. Click 'Apply Now' to complete an online application which can be found on any of the course pages

We’ll let you know when we’ve received your form safely.

If you need help or have questions, call our registry team on 01934 411 481.

5. Come to an interview

After you apply, we’ll send you a letter inviting you to a friendly interview. This is so we can meet each other, and it gives you a chance to find out more about the course and your tutors. You can bring your parent/family member, friend or carer along with you if you like. If you apply for more than one similar course you will be interviewed for them all at the same time. If they’re different, you may need to come to more than one interview.

We’ll send you some questions to help you prepare for your interview. We’ll also ask you to complete an initial assessment of your literacy and numeracy online before your interview.

Most times we will tell you at interview whether we are offering you a place or not and will confirm it in writing within two weeks. We’ll make it clear in the letter what grades you need to take up your place. If you did not accept your place at the interview you’ll need to fill in the slip at the bottom of your offer letter and send it back to us.

Let’s get started
How do you start a course at Weston College? We’ve put together this step-by-step guide.

6. Get to know us

In June and July we have ‘familiarisation’ days and A Level ‘bridging’ days so new students who are starting courses in September can meet the teaching staff and other students in their group. During these days you’ll learn more about your course, and the College, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Familiarisation days are for vocational students. Bridging days, which run for two days, are for A Level students where you will sample a full A Level timetable.

7. Enrolment pack

To make things easy for you, you will get an enrolment pack in early August containing important information about when to enrol and what to bring.

8. Bring your results

You’ll need to bring your exam results to your enrolment session. But what if your actual grades aren’t the same as your course’s requirements? Don’t worry. We run a series of GCSE guidance surgeries where our advisers can help you find a more suitable course.

9. Time to enrol

You’re nearly there! At the end of August it’s all go for enrolment sessions. Be sure to read all the information in your enrolment pack to make sure you bring along the right documents and any payment you need for materials and a bus pass. At enrolment you will be told when your first day is and where you should go.

10. Start your course

Welcome to Weston College! During your first week there will be lots of activities to help you settle in and make friends. Your personal tutor will give you your timetable.


If you have a question, call our friendly Progression Team on 01934 411 411.

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