Advanced Learner Loans

Don’t let fees hold you back from the perfect course – our advanced learner loans help thousands of people get the qualifications they need to succeed.

Due to the success of our previous 24+ loans in helping our students achieve nationally recognised qualifications, we have altered the age restriction to allow people as young as 19 to apply for the loan.

They won’t affect your credit rating. These loans aren’t means tested and aren’t based on your income or current financial situation. This means that you can take out an advanced learner loan if you need it to pay for your course or not.

Repayment is generous. With an advanced learner loan you won’t have to pay a penny back until you’re earning more than £25,000 a year. When you start earning this amount, you’ll only pay back 9p in every £1 of what you earn above it.

You can take out up to four loans at once. They can be used to pay for vocational, technical and professional qualifications at Level 3 and above. This means you can take them out to pay for A Levels, Access to Higher Education, some apprenticeships, and a number of other courses at Weston College.

It’s low interest and easy to repay. Repayments will be automatically calculated by your employer and taken from your salary. While you’re studying you’ll only be charged the rate of inflation plus 3%. If you finish your qualification and are earning £25,000 a year or less you’ll only be charged the rate of inflation. If you earn over £25,000 you’ll only be charged the rate of inflation plus up to 3%.

Plus, Student Finance England will write off the loan if you use it to pay for an Access to Higher Education course and progress on to complete a university degree, which means the debt will be cancelled.

It’s easy to apply for the advanced learner loan, as long as you are aged 19 or over and living in the UK on the first day of your course, studying in an approved training organisation such as Weston College, and studying at Level 3 to 6 on the National Framework.

Apply for one of our courses on our website and we’ll send you more details about the loan. 

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