Behaviour 4 Learning (B4L)

Behaviour 4 Learning Specialist Support can help learners to build positive interactions inside and outside the classroom.

What is 'Behaviour 4 Learning'? 

Behaviour 4 Learning is a positive means of healping learners understand the behaviour skills they need to be successful in education, training, employment and social settings. Rather than focussing on unwanted behaviours, it puts a value on positive, age-appropriate behaviour and the development of self-esteem. It also works on the basis that most social, emotional and behavioural skills are learned and therefore, what has been learned can be un-learned, in terms of inappropriate behaviours. 

In order to foster a positive learning environment, our specialist staff work with tutors across the College to ensure the inclusion of learners whose behaviour is challenging. This enables the learners to develop strategies to overcome their challenges and work towards independence. 

In one-to-one sessions, specialist support staff focus on developing skills which will enable learners to work in a variety of contexts - whole-class or small-group situations in the classroom, at break-times, lunchtime and free periods. 

Depending on the individual, effective Behaviour 4 Learning can range from attentive listening, collaborative learning or remaining seated in a classroom for a period of time. Often, the emphasis is upon setting individual, realistic targets which are agreed together, rather than imposed. The concept is one which is relevant to all learners, irrespective of their stage of development, and is a key element in promoting educational inclusion.

The way in which tutors establish a positive climate for learning is crucial in increasing opportunities for Behaviour 4 Learning. It begins with a recognition that this is one of the main elements which is directly under their influence. The tutors, in conjunction with the specialist support teams, select approaches which are more likely to increase learning. Evidence strongly suggests that these approaches are characterised by the promotion of mutually respectful relationships.

Learner feedback

"My anger management has helped because without it I would not have been able to cope without doing something I regret...

"The B4L team has helped as they understand my behaviour difficulties...

"The one-to-one support was most helpful because it's easier to know what to do without distractions...

"The B4L team helped with support outside of class and helped me with my additional work, attendance and getting on with other students"

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