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Blog: Reflecting on My Electrical Installations Course


Hi, I'm Paul, and I have recently completed the Level 2 Electrical Installations course. This course has massively increased my confidence, and has been incredibly rewarding, especially thanks to the amazing teachers who guided me every step of the way. Here’s a bit about my experience:

I started this course because I've always wanted to learn more about electrics, especially as a property owner. Understanding electrical work is such a valuable skill in everyday life.

The practical evenings of this course were the best part for me, as I was able to fit the course into my normal working weeks without a problem. I'm definitely a hands-on learner, so getting to practice what we learned in real time was very engaging.

I was surprised by how much theory was involved. Keeping up with all the coursework was challenging, but I now understand how crucial that theoretical knowledge is.

The course was well-equipped with all the tools and facilities we needed. Everything was available to help us complete the course successfully.

In my job as a maintenance worker, this course has given me a solid foundation to build on. I'm even considering moving on to Level 3!

This course will have a positive impact on my career and daily life as I’m constantly around electrical work, so the knowledge I've gained from this course helps me handle simple tasks confidently.

The teachers were absolutely fantastic. Lee's extensive knowledge and excellent people skills made a huge difference. He went above and beyond to help us achieve our goals, and his teaching methods really boosted our confidence.

Andy was always there to help anyone stuck on a part of the course. His attention to detail and willingness to explain everything thoroughly was incredibly helpful.

Neil's extra science lessons were a lifesaver for me when prepping for exams. His dedication to helping us understand the material was much appreciated.

Thanks to these teachers, I feel so much more confident than when I started. This past year has truly been a great experience for me!

My advice to anyone thinking about doing this course is to just go for it! Be prepared to put in a lot of effort both in class and at home – but it's totally worth it in the end.

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