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A recent survey of more than 4,500 workers and managers by the Chartered Management Institute, conducted by YouGov, revealed that 82% of managers who enter management positions have not had any formal management and leadership training – they are “accidental managers”. Leadership and Management skills continue to be one of the most highly requested attributes by employers, with only 26% of managers having accessed leadership & management training in the past 12 months. Alongside this challenge, there is an issue of apprenticeship levy funding not being used. City & Guilds research confirmed that since 2017, £3.5bn of apprentice levy had been unused and handed back to the treasury.  

Weston College support individuals and businesses to develop leadership and management skills. Whether it's those stepping into a new management role, or experienced managers looking to establish themselves in a senior leadership role, the College can provide a training pathway.  

Apprenticeships can be for those progressing within a business and they are a fantastic option for employers to upskill employees. In 2023, the College’s management apprenticeship achievement rate was 12% above the national benchmark and 82% of those studying the Team Leading Apprenticeship achieved a distinction.  

Benefits include: 

  • Skilled Workforce: Businesses that encourage their employees to complete courses at Weston College can expect a more skilled and competent workforce. This leads to increased productivity, efficiency, and innovation within the company. 

  • Leadership and Management Excellence: Businesses benefit from employees who have undergone leadership and management training at Weston College. These individuals are better equipped to lead teams, make strategic decisions, and drive the company's success. 

  • Retention and Engagement: Supporting employees in their professional development demonstrates a commitment to their growth, which can boost morale and increase employee retention. Businesses that invest in their workforce often see higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction. 

  • Competitive Edge: In today's fast-paced and competitive business environment, having a workforce with up-to-date skills and qualifications is a significant advantage. Businesses can stay ahead of the competition by ensuring their employees are well-prepared and adaptable. 

  • Funding: Utilising your levy to build a sustainable leadership and management team makes business sense. Non levy payers are eligible to request funding support through the college so they can upskill at no cost. Apprenticeships not suitable? We can help with a direct Diploma route as a standalone offer... we have routes for every size of business and sector and for any employee; of age and educational background. 


With additional 2024 start dates available, Weston College is poised to scale-up its management training with workshops available in central Bristol at the Bristol Training Institute and in Weston-super-Mare, providing coverage across the West of England. The College can also work with employers to create bespoke programmes nationally.  

Dave Crew, Head of Business Growth & Employer Partnerships, commented: "Weston College are thrilled to announce our ambitions to scale-up our Leadership & Management apprenticeship pathway, which is set to transform the professional landscape for both our learners and the local businesses we serve. Too many people find themselves in a supervisory role but haven’t been trained to manage people. I’ve seen first-hand the impact this training can have on individuals and their teams. We’ve spoken to many businesses who have requested this training. They want us to train the ‘accidental managers’ and equip people with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in leadership roles.” 

“Working with employers, we’ll address the management skills gap and create more productive businesses as a result of this training programme. I’m especially delighted that we’ll be working with partners to share apprenticeship levy removing the cost barrier for SMEs to access this training. Together, we can shape a brighter future for both individuals and the businesses that drive our local economy." 

Find out how you can benefit from a Leadership and Management Apprenticeship and various training pathways, here or email employers@weston.ac.uk  

If you are passionate about education and are looking for an opportunity to join the staff team at a leading college, then look at the latest job vacancies available at Weston College here. You can find all the latest job opportunities that Weston College has to offer, with a commitment to providing quality education for learners and a focus on continuous professional development for staff, Weston College is an excellent place to work and grow in your career. 

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