Game and Animation student’s work to feature in global gaming giant: Fortnite

A character design done by our very own Game and Animation learner Jack Griffiths, has been selected to be turned into an official character skin in Fortnite! 
Fortnite is a free-to-play video game the sees up to 100 players competing individually or in teams to be the last one/ones standing as the boundaries of their battle ground shrinks over-time. 
The multi-billion pound Battle Royale currently has over 350 million active monthly users across the world, making it biggest games on the planet. 
In June, Fortnite developer Epic Games published that they are "looking for two exceptional community-created concepts" to be turned into in-game outfits for their to-be-announced Winter 2021 event. 
The brief was simple: festive, frosty, and fun designs to bundle up in this holiday season. 
As a player and aspiring 3D animator Weston College student, Jack, saw this as a perfect opportunity to showcase his talents in character design that he had been developing in and out of class.... And so the character concept was created: Frigid Forgoer

frigid forgoer fortnite skin

Jack, with the online artist alias "Alta Calls", added: "I decided to apply for the competition because I had been working on concept skins for around a year at that point, it's one of my biggest passions and seeing Epic go out of their way to support the concept community by hosting a competition was amazing I figured this was my best chance of getting a skin in game so I jumped right into it and started designing! 

“Frigid Forgoer is a twist of the frozen theme, with something a bit more unique and visually interesting; A frozen sheriff with a vengeance.
"This win means practically everything to me, I worked so hard over the last year getting better at Blender and getting better at general character design and to finally see one get in game is incredible. I have received great support from the college, using the knowledge from my course to actually pull through and create the skin trailer which I was so close on giving up on. Without the teaching in class, it would not of been possible."
Jack studies The Level 3 diploma in Game and Animation. On this course our learners learn and develop their skills in storyboarding, character design, 2D design and 3D animation; becoming equipped to step into the ever-growing gaming industry.

The King Alfred School alumni continued: “I chose the game and animation course because it's my biggest passion in life. I've played games my whole life and when I grew older I started to love how games are able to tell such emotional and compelling stories and be such amazing pieces of art that I just had to make it my career.”
Game and Animation tutor, Sam Stokes, commented: "It’s amazing to see Jack’s hard work pay of, the constant drive and motivation to keep pushing his skills to the next level is remarkable.  
"It fills me with pride that our Game and Animation Production course has given him the platform to challenge his skills and achieve recognition on a globally renowned game like Fortnite."
The two winners of the "Concept Royale" competition were announced via Fortnite's social media pages, their tweet can be found below: 


As well as both outfits making their official debut to the game this December, the two winners each won a £1,000 cash prize.  

Jack is aiming to be a 3D marketing artist or character designer and this is in incredible accolade that will no doubt open many doors in the future. A HUGE congratulations goes to Jack. A very brighter future awaits! 


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