Charlotte Haines


Hi there! I’m Charlotte and I am one of the lecturers!

I am known as the parrot lady as I usually have 3 different parrot species at home as well as several guinea pigs. Sealions are by far my favourite animal due to their high level of intelligence and extremely calm yet mischievous nature!

I teach a range of different subjects within the course, but my specialty is mainly zoo animal husbandry and welfare, animal training and exotic animals. I work as part of the lecturing team and will also be a personal tutor to some of you.

Before my teaching career, I spent 12 years working as a senior animal trainer and presenter at Bristol Zoo Gardens and gained my degree in animal management. I have worked with a variety of exotic species including lemurs, meerkats, birds of prey, parrots, sealions, tigers, polar bears, gorillas, raccoons, and many more. My daily job included presenting the daily educational animal shows and taking care of all the exotic species within my section. I progressed to senior animal trainer took care of the sealions and daily training.

Although I am relatively new to teaching, I really enjoy sharing my industry experience and applying my knowledge to all practical and theory sessions at our amazing new Animal Management Centre at Puxton.

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