BLOG: How we can Benefit your SME!

My name is Lauren, and I am the Business Partnerships Manager at Weston College. This means myself and my team work very closely with employers of all sizes, both local and worldwide; last year we started working with 300 new SMEs! Our approach to working with these businesses is always personalised and professional.

Throughout the years, we have run campaigns, which showcase the breadth of our offer and the support that we can provide to up and coming SME businesses – whether that be through well-known avenues like apprenticeships or accessing free talent though initiatives like industry placements. Our latest campaign, titled 300 in 50 was a huge success, achieving over 300 apprenticeship opportunities in just 50 days. This massively benefitted the companies that got involved, as they were able to strengthen their workforce, whilst also discovering new up and coming talent, who will be the future of their workforce.

As well as working with businesses in multiple ways, we provide training to local SMEs, through the Workforce for the Future programme (WftF). This programme is a free service to help SMEs identify their skills needs, by upskilling and retraining employees, or supporting them in bringing in new staff, including apprentices or work placements to drive their business forwards.

Within WftF, the Build Back Better workshop series has been a huge success in providing topical training in a massive range of areas, to help your business build back better after the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are offering a huge range of topics in our series of workshops, including website development, HR and Health and Social Care, with more to be announced soon, so keep an eye on our website and social media to avoid missing out!

We are hugely proud of the work we put in to solidifying the relationship we have with all businesses working with Weston College, and we are thrilled to now be working with over 300 new SMEs! If you or your small would be interested in exploring how Weston College can help support or benefit, you can visit the Employers page on our website, or email: employers@weston.ac.uk.

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