Pathways and Timetables

The sixth form day runs from 9.30am to 5pm. Your study programme will comprise of subject lessons, personal tutorials, career pathways and, in year two, work experience and an enterprise award. Although you study the same subjects, the study programmes vary slightly between the two years:

• Three A level courses
• Personal tutorial programme
• A career or study pathway
• Online development
• Independent study time

The opportunity to consider four A level subjects is available to those aiming to apply for Oxford or Cambridge University. However, we’d still recommend choosing three A levels if you’re planning on studying French or Further Maths.

• Three A level courses (continued)
• Tutorial programme
• 5 days work experience
• Online enterprise award and development
• Independent study time
• UCAS applications and employability skills

Compared to your first year, second year has a larger focus on preparing you for university or the world of work. As well as an emphasis on independent life and social skills, you’ll also complete you UCAS application in the run up to exams.


The Sixth Form at Weston College offers study pathways for learners alongside their A levels. Pathways provide learners with opportunities to develop different skills and share experiences to enhance their progression onto either higher education or employment. Learners can opt for a particular pathway, but the decision to study 3 or 4 A levels and/or plus a pathway will be based on GCSE scores, career goals and previous experiences. In year one a pathway is compulsory.

The pathways are completed during the first year of the two year Sixth Form study programme.

The chance to improve your IT skills and gain some extra
qualifications and a wider understanding of IT as a key
employability skill and to be more aware of the impact of
cyber related issues in both society and employment.

Students will have the opportunity to:
- Gain Microsoft Qualifications
- Use MOOC's to gain further knowledge and skills that
are relevant to the individual's chosen courses.
- Talks and tasks from industry specialists in a variety of ITand Cyber skills fields (including software developers,
programmers and cyber security experts!)
- An opportunity to collaborate with other pathways

This pathway allows you discuss current affairs, past issues and timeless debates.

- As a group you get to choose your debate topics
- Debate is a team effort
- You will learn the basics of body language, public speaking and rebuttals.
- The assessment is externally assessed, and you must actively participate for 5 minutes
- You will be awarded with a level 3 award in debating and depending on your grade you will receive a maximum of 12 UCAS points.
- Debate is a great way to work on your public speaking, research skills and writing ability

An EPQ is an ideal introduction to university-style learning
as it is an independent research project which can, but does
not have to, relate to an A Level subject that is being

It is important therefore that students choose topics that
they are interested in and curious about and, ideally, relate
to further study so they are motivated to complete it.
For example, an aspiring medic could write a research
article analysing the difficulties associated with management
of the NHS. This could help students substantiate evidence for their desire to study a specific degree course.

Do you find filmmaking fascinating? Ever thought about your favourite film director or style? Or perhaps you're just passionate about watching films in general? Maybe you want to know what it takes to make a successful film from script to screen by trying it yourself? In an increasingly media-saturated world, the production of Film & TV is integral to a critical understanding of the modern world and our society.

You can gain valuable and transferable skills such as ideas development, pitching, scriptwriting, production management, camera operation, professional film editing, marketing and distribution. Unlike courses that heavily rely on theory, you'll practice almost everything you learn. Challenge yourself by working outside of your comfort zone, applying the resources around you, networking with other students to help you and develop your area of interest. Lastly, we will consider a possible distribution and what it takes to screen your work! Would you want to design a marketing poster or produce a trailer? Could TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube play a part in the digital age?

This creative pathway aims at learners with a curious mindset and passion for creativity, you don't need any previous film experience. You'll become a producer whilst gaining hands-on experience by making a 5 minute short film of your choice. Use your freedom to generate different ideas and make your dream a reality! Don't forget to have fun!

Creative pathway allows for students to
further develop their artistic skills in a
range of disciplines. This includes
digital and physical manipulation, as
well as industry-based experiences.

Students will explore contextual
understanding, creative making and
reflective recording throughout the

As a student at Weston College, you will have the opportunity to combine your academic studies with high-level sporting provision, which will allow you to fully immerse yourself as a student-athlete

- Business skills apply to almost any career.
- In life, you will deal with businesses such as shops,
banks, insurance…
- You will have the chance to develop a wide variety of
skills, including; social media marketing, budgeting,
design, research and planning.
- You will be able to set up a business in line with your
own interests.
- Learn from real entrepreneurs / business people

Aimed at students interested in the medical field e.g.
medics, nursing, veterinary or dentist careers.

- You will have talks from universities and professionals
in the field.
- You will carry out extra experiments to support your
future studies, including the opportunity to dissect a
small mammal.
- Participation in online competitions e.g. Biology
Olympiad. These can be used to support university
- Live Online chats with scientists e.g. ‘I am a Scientist,
Get me out of here’
- Support in applying for related courses.

Personal tutorials

The relationship between you and your tutor is an essential and amazing element of college life. Unlike school, you’ll meet with your tutor once a week for a group session as well as individual 1-to-1s. Whether it’s personal support, academic support, careers guidance and other relevant activities, Tutors are there to support you on numerous levels.

Independent study time

Every student has allocated time for independent study in their timetable. You can spend this time completing work, revising or just chilling out with friends either on or off campus. You’ll have access to silent study areas, our LibraryPlus and subject resource areas during these periods.

Here are some examples of a typical timetable at Sixth Form, depending on what pathway you choose.


  09:00 - 10:30 10:45 - 12:15 13:00 - 14:00 14:15 - 15:15 15:15 -16:30







D - Chemistry


- Biology


- Biology


B - Biology


B - Biology



Pathways Bio-med


E - Psychology



- Psychology









D - Chemistry









D - Chemistry


D - Chemistry


C - Tutorial









- Psychology


- Psychology




Employability / Enrichment (Sport training)


Employability / Enrichment (Sport training)

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