Bursary information for students aged 16-18

The bursary fund provides support towards the cost of attending College, including travel, course equipment, and meals.

The eligibility rules and banding grades differ depending on whether you’re aged 16 to 18, or 19 and over.


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To be eligible you must be:

  • Aged 16, 17 or 18 on the 31st August 2021 (your date of birth will be between 31st August 2003 and 1st September 2005
  • Undertaking a further education course
  • Able to show a residual household income (see below for explanation), for April 2020 to April 2021, of no more than £34,000.

You will not be eligible if you are:

  • A waged apprentice, or undertaking other learning or training whilst a wage is paid
  • A prison-based learner, learning whilst released on temporary licence or learning whilst in a young offenders institution
  • Undertaking a higher education course.


How am I assessed?

If you’re living with a parent, parents or another relative

  • You will be financially assessed against their income for the 2020/2021 tax year (6th April 2020 to 5th April 2021)
  • Your parents or carer will need to declare their gross income (e.g. wages, working tax credit, child tax credit, universal credit, housing benefit, other out-of-work benefits)
  • The College will calculate residual income by deducting, from their gross income, £1,130 for each child aged under 19 residing in the same household
  • Residual income is used to determine your support ‘banding’.
Residual Income Band
£0 - £14,999 A
£15,000 - £19,190 B
£19,191 - £27,999 C
£28,000 - £34,000 D


If you’re a care leaver or living in foster care

  • You will not be financially assessed but will need to provide a letter from your social worker or leaving care advisor to confirm your status
  • You will automatically receive ‘band V’ support (see below for details).

If you’re receiving benefits

  • If you receive Income Support (or Universal Credit), Employment Support Allowance; Universal Credit AND Disability Living Allowance; or Personal Independence Payment (ESA or UC and DLA or PIP) you will not be financially assessed but will need to provide up-to-date evidence that you receive them.
  • You will automatically receive ‘band V support’ (see below for details).

If you’re an unaccompanied asylum seeker

  • You will not be financially assessed but will need to provide documentary evidence of your status
  • You will automatically receive ‘band V’ support (see below for details).


What support might I get?

Eligible students will receive a package of support, which is paid at points throughout the academic year. To continue receiving support students must have an attendance rate of over 85% per term (Spring term: September to December, Summer term: January to April) across their whole learning programme including maths, English and tutorials.


The package of support could include:

  • Meals allowance
  • Bus passes
  • Money
  • Professional start-up kit or uniform
  • Childcare
  • Fieldtrips or residential visit support.


Meals allowance

This provides you with £9.64 per week throughout your course. It’s limited to £3.20 per day to help you spread the money throughout the week. You can top this up with your own money.

If you’ve been awarded a meals allowance just scan or show your college ID card at the till and staff will tell you if you don’t have enough money left.

Meals allowances only start once a bursary application is fully approved and you are enrolled – it will be shown on your bursary summary page

To be eligible for the meals allowance you (or your ‘dependent’) must receive one of the following:

  • Income Support
  • Universal Credit provided any earned income (gross wages) is under £9250 (i.e. less than £7400 after tax)
  • Employment Support Allowance (income related)
  • Guaranteed Element of State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit provided any earned income (gross wages) is under £16191 AND they DO NOT also receive Working Tax Credit


Parents aged under 20 at the start of their course can apply for childcare support from Care to Learn https://www.gov.uk/care-to-learn. You will need to use an Ofsted-registered childcare provider.

You will be able to get up to £160 per child per week to cover childcare, taster sessions, summer holiday retainers and transport costs incurred in travelling to and from the childcare provider.

Payments are made directly to your childcare provider by the government.

Industry Placement bursary support

An 18-19 Industry Placement bursary may be available where the placement results in additional costs, for example transportation. The location of an Industry Placement should not cause unnecessary challenge to a student. Where an industry placement falls outside of Weston super Mare and the standard student bus pass, we may be able to offer additional funds. In order to qualify, you will need to contact the Work Placement Team and outline the request and challenge posed. Student applications will be assessed and, if funds are available, support will be allocated on a case by case basis.

Field trips and residential visits

You may be entitled to some help toward the cost of fieldtrips or residential visits.

You will need to apply in writing, to Student Funding, giving details of the trip (where, when and overall cost) and what it you think you will gain from it.

You won’t be entitled to funding for trips deemed compulsory for your course, and can’t apply for more funding until after October half-term.

If successful the portion of the cost that is met through bursary is:

Band Fieldtrips / Residential Visits
V 100% to maximum of £250 per year
A 100% to maximum of £250 per year
B 75% to a maximum of £187.50 per year
C 50% to a maximum of £125 per year
D 25% to a maximum of £62.50 per year

Bus passes

All full-time students who have a fully approved bursary will receive a five-day bus pass for the spring and summer terms.

Bus passes can be used on First Bus West of England zones buses. They can’t be exchanged for money or transferred to the rail network.

You will be emailed the voucher code and will need to activate an M Ticket through First Bus. See https://www.firstgroup.com/buy-ticket/mtickets-faqs for details.

For an additional £40 you can top up to a seven-day pass. This must be done before you activate the voucher code otherwise you will pay the full, unsubsidised cost of a seven-day pass.

Students with fully approved bursaries who are assessed as ‘band V’ will also receive an autumn term five-day bus pass.


This is paid by BACS transfer into your bank account.

Band Monetary Total Autumn Term Paid 28 Sep 2020 Spring Term Paid 03 Jan 2022 Summer Term Paid 25 Apr 2022
V £1,200 £27.25 weekly £27.25 weekly £27.25 weekly
A £300 £150 £75 £75
B £250 £125 £62.50 £62.50
C £200 £100 £50 £50
D £150 £75 £37.50 £37.50

Professional start-up kit and uniform (course equipment)

Support towards the cost of course equipment is available for:

  • Hospitality and Catering courses – you will be reimbursed when you show a receipt from Nisbets (the College’s catering equipment provider)
  • Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy courses – your college invoice will be reduced by the amount you are awarded
  • Production Arts courses – your professional start-up kit will be reduced by the amount you are awarded.

The portion of the cost that is met depends on your banding, to a maximum of £400.:

Band Professional start-up kit or uniform
V 100%
A 100%
B 75%
C 50%
D 25%

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