Employing an apprentice for the first time

Employing an apprentice is easy but often seems confusing.

Here at Weston College we aim to make the process as simple as possible. With our apprenticeship programmes you could grow your business through investment in your current staff or employing new apprentices.

We offer the most diverse range of apprenticeships and training in the region, and as a result we have experience working with all types of companies to help them recruit apprentices.

What you need to know...

Here’s how we’ll help you employ your first apprentice

  1. We’ll meet you to discuss your business needs. At an initial meeting we’ll work with you to identify the skills gaps in your company and answer your questions about apprenticeships.
  2. We’ll help you plan your approach. We will work with you to draw up a bespoke training plan which takes into account the skills needs identified in your initial meeting. This could be an internal training plan for your current staff or the recruitment of new staff.
  3. We’ll look into the funding options for you. Our business team will advise you about the available funding options for the agreed business plan. We’ll help you maximise your return on investment and make the most of the apprenticeship levy.
  4. We’ll start the recruitment process. If your business plan requires new staff in apprenticeship roles we’ll provide a free recruitment service for your business. On average, this will save you around £2,000. If your business plan doesn’t require new staff, we’ll help you to implement a staff development programme.
  5. We’ll help you select your new staff. You’ll get to interview the candidates and select the right people for your business. We’ll contact the interviewees, inform them of the outcome, and talk the successful candidates through the enrolment process.
  6. We’ll work with you to create a bespoke training plan. Our bespoke and personalised apprenticeship programmes will enable you to teach your apprentice the skills that your business needs.
  7. We’ll continue to support you and your apprentices. Your apprentices will receive regular visits from their assessor and you’ll receive ongoing support through your dedicated account manager.
How much are apprentices paid?
How often will they attend college?
Do I have to train the apprentice?
What sort of work will they be able to do?
What if it doesn’t work out?
How are apprentices assessed?

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