Retail Industry (Apprenticeship Level 2)

Standard overview:

The main purpose of a retailer is to assist customers when they purchase products and services, which requires a good understanding of the stock being sold, the variety of ways customers can shop and the ability to process payments, for example, using a till.

Retailers must be passionate about delivering a quality service that always aims to exceed customers’ expectations. Therefore, retailers enjoy direct contact with a wide range of people and are motivated by completing a sale and knowing a customer is happy with their purchase. They can work in a variety of shops and other retail establishments: small boutiques, large high street chains, supermarkets and well-known department stores are just some examples.

More specialist retailers include funeral services, garden centres, delicatessens and people who work in remote environments, for example in telephone, on-line and mail order retail.

Entry requirements

There are no other formal qualifications required to start this apprenticeship but you will be assessed to ensure you have the ability to complete the english and maths qualification to at least level 1.

Functional skills

Apprentices will be required to have or achieve level 1 english and maths and taken the exams for level 2 prior to completion of their apprenticeship. If Level 2 has already been achieved, then development of further english and maths skills will continue for the whole of the apprenticeship.


This Retailer Apprenticeship standard is funded at Band 7. Levy paying employers may fund apprentices on this programme from their apprenticeship account and non-levy paying SMEs through the co-funded option. This apprenticeship standard is set at level 2.

End assessment:

To achieve this apprenticeship standard, the employer, training provider and apprentice will agree when the apprentice is ready and competent to undertake the independent end assessment, which will test their skills knowledge and behaviours required for this role.

On programme learning:

Each apprentice will be assigned a designated on programme assessor who will visit him or her and their line manager on a regular basis in the workplace.

In between visits remote visits by your assessor will be carried out via our e-portfolio, Smart assessor, telephone, and 1-to-1 webinars, etc. to discuss progress.

Level 2 diploma for retailers qualification:

In addition to preparing the apprentice to complete their end assessment testing, Highfield’s has mapped this new standard to the diploma in retailers qualification, so the apprentice will also achieve this on successful completion of their apprenticeship.


The minimum duration for this apprenticeship is 12 months with an end assessment in month 13.

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