Supported Internships

Our Into Work supported internships are for students with special educational needs and/disabilities who want to enter into employment.

Supported internships help 16 to 24 year olds with special educational needs and/or disabilities who have an education, health and care plan who want to move into employment and need extra support to do so. Employers can be pivotal in changing life chances and offering opportunities for young people to achieve their aspirations.

How we can help:

Professional advice, guidance and practical support

Some employers worry that the training needs of individuals with disabilities may be higher and cost more for them. This is not the case, Into Work provides specialist knowledge, advice and guidance and where required specialist job coaches to take on any extra training required.

Advice on accessing financial support

Reasonable adjustments or additional training can cost money for employers who take on someone with a disability, however there is funding available through Access to Work. Into Work will complete the application for this funding on behalf of the employer.

Why you should get involved

There are many reasons why your business should consider a supported internship...


Accepting a supported internships in your business sends out a very clear message of inclusivity not only to your employees, but your customers and investors. This can create a positive image of your organisation, making it an ‘employer of choice’. A corporate vision and supporting statements present an image to the public that is ever more demanding of corporate ethics. It is important that this vision is translated into tangible practice and doesn’t just remain broad.

Reduce recruitment costs

To employ a new member of staff, the recruitment cost can be approximately £5,000 per vacancy. Into Work provide a professional recruitment opportunity with no fees attached. Work trials offer an opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ and we ensure we job match the right person with the right role.

Improve retention rates

It is not just about recruitment. Those employers who recruit people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities tend to be better at retaining these staff. Into Work ensure they job match the right person to the right job ensuring the person wants to do the role and has the skill set to succeed.

Incorporate a wider pool of labour

There is large pool of labour, talent and skills that is not being used to the full capacity. Why not tap into this? It could increase productivity, motivation and effectiveness of current and new staff.

Realise the benefit of recruiting a diverse workforce

It makes good business sense to have a diverse workforce. 20% of the UK’s customer base have a disability. Having an inclusive workforce allows a business to understand this considerable part of the market as well as the possibility to access the ‘purple pound’.

The legal case...

Working with the College's special educational needs and/or disabilities specialists will help you learn how to work with other people with different abilities. A high number of discrimination cases presented in courts and employment tribunals are the result of businesses failing to make reasonable adjustments, and these cases can lead to hefty fines. Having knowledge and support from our specialists will aid the ease of having employees with different needs and spread further than just the work with an intern.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay the student?
How can I make sure the students are matched to my business?
Am I limited to one student?
How long is the internship?
Will there be lots of paperwork?
How can I balance this alongside running a business?
What support will I receive?
Can you supply an internship in my area?
Do I have to offer paid employment at the end of the internship?

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Kym Withers

Learning Facilitator for the Co-op

“We work with Weston College because we are committed to providing an inclusive environment that is accessible to all.”




Creations by Gina

“Outstanding support by staff, having not had a student in the workplace before. So rewarding building students confidence and helping them grow”


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