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Latest events at Weston College

Latest news and developments at Weston College

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Weston College T Levels Learner

We are proud to announce that one of our outstanding T Level students, Katy Bateman, has been selected to participate in a national campaign organised by the Department for Education. Katy, currently in her second year of the T Level program, has been chosen to represent the Education pathway. 

The filming team visited Katy at the College in December and filmed a captivating "day in the life" piece for Snapchat, that will prominently feature on Snapchat's Explore page as part of a paid-for national campaign to showcase real young people navigating their technical education pathways. This campaign, set to go live today, aims to inspire and inform millions of young individuals across England, with an expected audience reach of 5.8 million people aged 14-19. 

Katy shared her excitement about being part of this initiative, stating, "The filming experience was really interesting and something I've never done before. I found it quite fun!" Katy is currently undertaking her T Level Education placement at Grove Junior School, where she is immersed in the vibrant environment of Year 3 education.  

Looking ahead, Katy has ambitious plans for her future. After completing her T Level, she intends to take a gap year to explore different facets of education, including volunteering at a local forest school. Subsequently, she aims to pursue further studies at University Centre Weston (UCW), focusing on education, society, and childhood. 

Well done Katy for flying the flag for T Levels and Weston College – we are so proud of all you have achieved so far and the exciting future that awaits you, take a look at the ad here: 



For more information about Weston College and our T Level programs, please visit T Levels | Weston College 

LGBTQ+ Freshers Stand


Weston College and University Centre Weston (UCW) proudly announces its participation in LGBT History Month this February, with a series of engaging events and initiatives designed to foster inclusivity and celebrate diversity within our campus communities. 

The College invites staff and learners to partake in a range of activities aimed at promoting understanding, dialogue, and solidarity. 


LGBTea & Talk: 

Providing an open platform for staff and learners to engage in meaningful conversations with members of the LGBTQ+ community at Weston College. Participants will have the opportunity to join general discussions, share experiences, seek information, and participate in fun Q&A sessions. The sessions will be held at: 

  • Knightstone Campus: Monday 26th and Wednesday 28th February 12:15-13:15 – near reception 
  • Loxton Campus: Tuesday, February 27th, 12:30-13:30 – in the Bistro (near the windows)  


LGBT Cinema Screenings: 

Adding cinematic flair to the festivities, Loxton Campus will host screenings of iconic LGBTQ+ films, including "Pride" (2014) and "Love, Simon" (2018), in Room A108 - the TV Studio. These screenings offer an opportunity for the College community to enjoy compelling narratives that celebrate the LGBTQ+ experience. 


LGBT Logo Competition: 

We’re inviting students from UCW and Weston College to design an LGBT-themed logo for us to use. The winning design, chosen by a panel of judges, will not only earn the designer a voucher but also have the honour of being adopted as the official logo for the College Group. 


Raffle & LGBT Cake Auction: 

To further support LGBTQ+ causes and raise awareness, we will host a raffle and LGBT cake auction during the week commencing February 26th, with the draw taking place on February 29th. Proceeds from these fundraising efforts will be donated to Young Minds, an organisation dedicated to supporting the mental health of young people, while also contributing to initiatives that promote understanding and acceptance within the LGBTQ+ community. 


 Speaking about the month-long celebration, Interim Principal Jacqui Ford expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "LGBT History Month is a time to celebrate the richness and diversity of our community while recognising the challenges that many individuals still face. Through our diverse range of events and initiatives, we aim to create an environment where everyone feels respected, valued, and supported." 

With a commitment to fostering an inclusive and welcoming campus environment, Weston College Group continues to champion diversity and equality, ensuring that every member of its community feels empowered to thrive. 

For more information on Weston College Group's LGBT History Month celebrations, please email

Careers advisor speaking to student

The Weston College Group hosted its annual Apprenticeship Fair on Tuesday 6th February, attracting a record-breaking attendance of over 230 individuals. The event, held in conjunction with National Apprenticeship Week, received overwhelming support, and comments were received from parents and carers who valued the opportunity to experience education and industry in a single room.  

Attendees were able to ask questions of the College Team regarding how an apprenticeship works and the support they can receive with application and whilst on the programme, and they also spoke to employers with vacancies and took up the opportunity to book 121 sessions for interviews and application support. 

Representatives from over 30 esteemed employers, including the NHS, Boeing, Thatcher’s Cider, and Airbus, among others, showcased opportunities across various sectors, including Health, Digital, Engineering and Manufacturing, Construction, Service Sectors, Professional Services, Motor Vehicle, and Hospitality. The diversity of sectors represented the broad spectrum of career pathways available through apprenticeships. 

Feedback flooded through social media channels, with employers expressing their satisfaction with the event's organisation and the quality of prospective apprentices. This year's record attendance not only highlights the success of the event but also underscores its role in fostering local and regional economic growth by connecting talented individuals with meaningful career opportunities. 

The College Group currently has 2,000 apprentices on programme from Levels 2 – 3 and Levels 4-6 offered by its Higher Education provision University Centre Weston (UCW). 

If you missed this event and would like to find out more about becoming an apprentice or viewing current vacancies please visit APPRENTICESHIPS | Weston College and if you are an employer who would like some advice on taking on an apprentice please visit WORKING WITH AN APPRENTICE | Weston College

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One Message, Different Voices

Take a look at this powerful film made by the staff of Weston College to show how important it is for everyone from different backgrounds to be included. The film shares heartfelt stories and interviews with a diverse group of staff, showing how accepting different identities and backgrounds can make a big difference. Its purpose is to encourage viewers to think about their own biases and work towards making our community more welcoming to all. We invite everyone, regardless of their background, to join us and be a part of our journey toward a more inclusive future.

Halo workplace logo

Our workplace champions the right of staff to embrace all Afro-hairstyles. We acknowledge that Afro-textured hair is an important part of our Black employees’ racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious identities, and requires specific styling for hair health and maintenance. We celebrate Afro-textured hair worn in all styles including, but not limited to, afros, locs, twists, braids, cornrows, fades, hair straightened through the application of heat or chemicals, weaves, wigs, headscarves, and wraps. In this workplace, we recognise and celebrate our colleagues’ identities. We are a community built on an ethos of equality and respect where hair texture and style have no bearing on an employee's ability to succeed.