College vs School - What You Need To Know

So your secondary education is coming to an end and you're faced with many choices...

Different people learn in different ways, and some may choose to stay on at a local sixth form. For the majority of local school leavers, Weston College is a popular option due to the diverse range of courses and wanting to experience a fresh environment with a lively and exciting atmosphere as well.

If you're considering College but are unsure about how it compares to school, read on!

You don’t have to wear a school uniform!

At Weston College you'll get to wear whatever you want (within reason!). This is because we trust you to wear clothes that you're comfortable in - and that allow you to express your individuality.

If you’re on courses like construction, hair and beauty or sport and public services, you might need a certain ‘kit’ but these are more like the sort of thing you’d be wearing if you worked in that particular industry anyway - so it feels like more workplace clothes than something you are made to wear! 

The way you're taught is different

Here in the college environment the relationship you have with the lecturers is totally different. You won't be expected to call them 'Sir' or 'Miss', and they'll treat you like an adult.

They expect you to be able to work more independently, but also trust that you are able to manage your own time and work to deadlines in your own way. 

You’ll study a subject area you enjoy

At college, we hope you will choose your course because it’s what you love to do, and something you would eventually like to turn into a career. Whereas in school, you still have to study a ‘core curriculum’, there’s none of that at college.

The only thing you may be asked to take is English or maths GCSE or functional skills if you were unsuccessful at secondary, but we have plenty of extra support for this.

Your social circle will widen

Prepare to meet new people! Although you will probably stay close with your secondary school friends, college opens you up to a whole new pool of potential pals. It can be really refreshing to mix with people from different schools and gain a whole new bunch of friends, whether this is from your course or outside of lessons e.g. Sports Academies.

Your timetable structure is different

Everyone is on different timetables and, depending on your course, you might not be in five days a week. You will have ‘free periods’ or times when you may not have to be in colleges but your friends may be. ‘Free periods’ enable you to catch up on coursework or study for exams.

You also don’t need to stay on site for your free periods, the time is your own - but we will encourage you to be productive and proactive in this time, and make use of the excellent LibraryPlus and other facilities to use your time wisely!

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