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A Level Media Welcome Guest Industry Professional, Nawaz


Recently our A Level Media learners welcomed an industry professional to deliver an exciting guest lecture about experience in the film industry and setting up a media business. 

Like the current A Level Media students, Sheikh Shahnawaz (Nawaz) started in the industry by studying A Level Media at his local college in Birmingham. Since then, he has built a vast portfolio of industry networks and experiences, including directing his first feature film "Bluff" (available on Amazon Prime to stream). Recently he has started his own social media & video agency called "Ozel Creative", aiming to provide film production and marketing services all around the UK. 

Nawaz was able to host sessions to both Year 1 and Year 2 students. He motivated Year 1 students by sharing his past projects/experiences in the creative industries and providing valuable advice on what it takes to complete a successful film production for distribution. For Year 2s, he differentiated by focusing on potential opportunities upon completing A Levels, including employment or further education. Whether freelancing or overseeing his own media business, he emphasised the importance of exploring every opportunity and connection in the industry. The students also worked in pairs/groups to discuss a unique idea for a new media business to pitch Nawaz for funding. The interactive sessions really raised their confidence and ability to adapt to new challenges. 

Nawaz said: "It was my pleasure to talk to the students, I really enjoyed being able to share my experiences and hopefully made an impact on some of them to choose media as a career.". 

Ethan, Sixth Form Media Lecturer, added: "I asked the students to think of the bigger picture, beyond A Levels, on their futures and passions in media. Think of the potential employment roles and opportunities in the creative industries. Don't be afraid to try and experiment by coming up with new ideas and working at them. They can really become the next generation of media producers and content creators!" 

Overall, the students really valued Nawaz's talk on contemporary media practice, and they gained a lot which could benefit their upcoming coursework production and future industry employment. 

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