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LIVE ON AIR: Weston Waves Student Radio Station Launches


Media learners are starting their very own radio station! 

Creative Media Production doesn’t just mean making videos. As well as full-blown TV production, podcasts and all aspects of filmmaking, our Creative Media department also expands into radio production.  

As a result, learners are excited to be launching their very own radio station: Weston Waves! 

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From hosting shows/interviews and mixing music to elements of video and managing broadcast output, Media learners are developing a huge range of skills in order to manage all aspects of producing a professional show. Learners have access to industry standard equipment, enabling them to gain relevant and invaluable experience that will make them extremely employable on completion of their course.  


Mel Edmonds and Dr Paul Phillips with Media learners

The station is being championed by Media lecturer Mel Edmonds, who has a huge range of skills and experience from a diverse background as a News Editor and Broadcast Journalist with 20 years of experience working in commercial radio newsrooms alongside training presenters and journalists. 

Mel’s industry background has not only brought years of knowledge for students to learn from but has also led to famous faces from high-profile stations sending in their words of wisdom and support for the Weston Waves team! 


Steve Parkinson from Bauer Media:

"Hi - I'm Steve Parkinson from Bauer Media and boss of KISS Kerrang! Absolute Radio and more fantastic radio stations. Radio and audio IS fantastic and so important to the creative arts. 9 out of 10 people listen to radio in the UK each week, and it’s the oldest medium still evolving and launching new services on a multitude of platforms. Radio and audio is visual now too which opens up even more opportunities career wise. So to you all at Weston College - good luck for a great launch of Weston Waves!" 


Voice Over Artist Sally Bailey (who has recorded the jingles for Weston Waves):

"Media students have also played a big part in marketing the station. From designing the logo, posters and banners, to sourcing a professional voice over artist”


Video form Virgin Radio's Mike Cass:


Weston College’s Creative Arts department increases career-boosting benefits through the creation of the Creative Arts Career Excellence Hub. These innovative subject specific hubs allow for students at Weston College to have access to exclusive opportunities such as these close connections with big industry names. Endorsed by employers, this enables for better integration with the sector to make sure class content is relative and opens doors for learners, so they leave college with more than just a qualification. 

Weston Waves is set to debut at the college’s Creative Arts Summer Festival – a phenomenal showcase of performances and art from across all our creative courses. This festival style event for all the family is running 16th – 18th June at Loxton Campus. 

In preparation, learners were visited by Weston College Group Principal and Chief Executive Dr Paul Phillips CBE, who is to receive a Knighthood from the Queen for outstanding contributions in his field. The talented team were able to talk with the “Sir” to be, talk about Creative Arts at Weston College and also got the Principal to request 3 songs top play! 

​Dr Paul Phillips being interviewed by students

From September, it will broadcast to all campuses via Teams every lunchtime and late opening hours. 

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