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I have worked as a lecturer since 2014, where I started on a graduate internship. Having taught across several provisions, mainly specialising in marketing-based modules. I have been teaching on UCW degree qualifications since 2018 and have managed modules including marketing, digital communications, and social media marketing. Previous to working at the college I worked at a school as an assistant business manager, and worked as a business consultant during my degree placement year at a motorhome dealership. I have also held several varying retail and leisure work roles and have supported several small businesses to start up and market.

The business sector is constantly evolving, specifically marketing. The rise of digital media and the change in the way people communicate in the 21st century means that marketing must follow. Teaching and learning about an ever-changing system means that the subject is never the same one year to another. The most inspiring thing is the way our prepare learners for their next steps, leaving the college as well-rounded, employable young adults and being part of that journey.

Students can get a valuable experience out of college by taking as many opportunities as possible. There are so many things that not only the course provides but the college as a whole. Learners who buy into the course and buy into the ethos get a much richer experience and tend to excel more. Learners who have a real interest in learning and a drive to succeed often surpass their own expectations.

Working in business varies massively from area to area. The beauty of the business sector is that there are roles for any type of job. Learners who leave have the choice of working in office environments, in roles such as HR and Law, or working in creative sectors such as Marketing or Visual Merchandising. The breadth of roles across the sector is always growing and learners are moving into employed roles in more and more companies and jobs. The future of business is with the students of today as digital tools and technology becomes a growing part of modern day business.

My advice would be to study a subject that you have a genuine interest in. When the workload is difficult and the demands get higher, having an interest in the subject helps with the motivation. Learners who are motivated tend to achieve higher grades and go on to better roles after the course. Also, as I mentioned earlier, take every opportunity that is given to you as you can get a lot more out of the course than just a qualification.

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