Maxine Park

Subject Area Manager

Animal Management

Hi, I am Maxine and I manage the Animal Care and Management courses.

I mainly teach maths, but I do teach animal subjects too occasionally. I may be teaching some of you, but I also do all of the planning and make sure everything is as it should be every day. You can contact me to ask any questions you have and to discuss anything you are worried about if you can't find your personal tutor. When we are back to normal, I do like it if you pop in and say hi as I like to get to know you all.

My career before teaching included being a Human Resources and Training Manager, but always wanted to be a teacher. As well as my teaching qualification I have a degree in inclusive practice and also a degree level qualification is teaching maths to over-16s.

I am an algebra geek and I have owned everything from geckos to sheep and we have quite a few animals in our family, but I just have Ronnie, my Springer Spaniel and Jasper and Skye, who are rabbits. I love primates, orangutans especially.

We have great students, a fantastic team and a beautiful Animal Management Centre, which I can't wait to show off to you all.

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