Lecturer - BA Hons Hair makeup and prosthetics

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When did you join Weston College?

"I joined Weston College in 2018 having previously worked at City of Bristol college for 12 years! ’’

Why did you join Weston College?

"I was looking for an opportunity to work with degree level students, to focus on advanced makeup and prosthetic techniques.  Having worked with Level 2 & 3 Media makeup and Theatrical students for 12 years I wanted to progress onto Degree level to watch the students’ progress into a creative and demanding industry.

How do you spend your day?

"I work Full time, 5 days a week. My days are varied, I teach across level 4,5 and 6. I teach mostly practical sessions this includes character Makeup looks for Theatre, SFX makeup for live simulation events and prosthetics for TV/Film including sculpting moulding and prosthetic making – the days are never boring!!! And sometimes very MESSY!!! I encourage students to participate in work experience activities throughout the year and I work with the Police, Ambulance and fire brigade in north Somerset to regularly co ordinate students to attend their training events and provide simulation makeup, this takes place once a month so we are always busy making wounds and injuries for these events!

How has the College supported your career development?

I have been offered yearly CPD and have used this to develop my industry knowledge and practical skills I have also had the opportunity to further my academic skills by completing my PCAP and applying for my Senior fellowship through the HEA

What have you been involved in while working at Weston College?

I have been involved in numerous projects externally whilst working at Weston college. These include work for AHT competitions both regionally and nationally for body painting and prosthetics makeup competitions Working on a bid with other departments for the national Turing scheme The UK’s global programme for studying, working and living abroad, offering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for personal and professional development for students. Making links to Cinema Makeup school in LA where students get the opportunity to study for a month and work as a trainee on film sets in Hollywood.

What’s the best thing about working at Weston College?

Being by the seaside!!!! And the view from our makeup studio!! Plus, the staff I get to work with!! (and of course our fabulous inspiring and creative students!! ) I love working for a company that values you and the job that you do!

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