Luke’s journey to becoming Computing and Digital Technologies Student of the Year at Weston College is remarkable. Choosing the Esports course at the College was a game-changer for Luke, who, after struggling through school, finally found his passion and purpose. 

Luke's decision to enrol in the BTEC Level 3 Esports course demonstrates his courage and commitment. Moving with two friends into student accommodation to attend the course, Luke took a leap of faith in an industry he strongly believed in. With total conviction, he threw himself into his course, and the Esports scene, showing motivation and drive that inspired teachers and fellow students alike. 

Luke's involvement in the Esports Academy was amazing throughout his time at Weston College. As a pivotal member of the Overwatch team, he demonstrated unwavering commitment, attending every game, practice, and analysis review to propel the team's success.  

Luke enjoyed the many opportunities the course offered, “We had a few amazing guest lectures from industry professionals. This gave me some cool insights into the Esports scene and was also a good networking opportunity.”  

When engaged in extracurricular events, including being a host and caster for tournaments, Luke was an exceptional ambassador for the Esports course and Weston College. His interactions with employers, parents, and prospective students consistently left a positive impression, with everyone walking away with a clear understanding of the opportunities available at the College.  

Reflecting on his college experience, Luke attributes much of his success to the unwavering support of his lecturers, Will and Cam, who went above and beyond to ensure his academic and personal growth. Their mentorship and guidance were instrumental in shaping Luke's journey and preparing him for future endeavours. 

Now pursuing a Degree in Esports Production at Nottingham Trent University, Luke continues to thrive in his chosen field. His recent involvement in the BBC's Children in Need "Game On!" Esports event showcased his growing expertise and commitment to the industry.  

Luke’s advice to future students considering the Esports course? “It's a lot of fun but be prepared to work hard.” Looking ahead to his future, Luke dreams of travelling the world and working on major Esports events. With his talent, passion, and unparalleled work ethic, this goal seems well within reach.  

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