Martha standing in a treatment room

Marta was motivated by a desire to excel in the field of Beauty Therapy when she began her journey at Weston College as an adult learner. Marta recognised the importance of acquiring additional qualifications and skills to enhance her competitiveness in the job market. 

"With aspirations to become a qualified beauty therapist/masseur, I saw Weston College as the perfect avenue to advance my career," Marta shared. She knew the course would offer her invaluable knowledge and practical skills directly applicable to her career aspirations. 

Financial support from an Advanced Learner Loan eased the burden of tuition fees, allowing Marta to focus wholeheartedly on her studies without financial concerns. She valued the course's career-focused approach, providing practical skills in various facial and body treatments, along with essential knowledge for setting up her own business. 

Marta's experience at Weston College provided unexpected benefits, including valuable networking opportunities within the massage and beauty field. Guest lectures and industry events facilitated connections with professionals, enriching her understanding of the profession and opening doors to potential job opportunities. 

Reflecting on the support services provided by Weston College, Marta praised the career counselling, along with the assistance from the IT services department in enhancing her computer skills. 

The modern and well-equipped facilities at Weston College played a crucial role in Marta's learning journey. She frequently used computer labs and library resources to conduct research, complete assignments, and practice using relevant software, contributing to her practical skill development. 

Participating in group work and practical sessions in the College salon were highlights of Marta's course experience. These hands-on opportunities allowed her to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios and refine her practical skills. 

To prospective students considering the Beauty Therapy course at Weston College, Marta offers resounding encouragement. "The programme is well-structured, the faculty are knowledgeable and supportive, and the resources available are excellent. Take advantage of networking opportunities, seek out internships or work placements, and don't hesitate to ask for help when needed.” 

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