Students' Union

The Students’ Union is here for you, when you enrol at college you are automatically a member. All courses whether part time, full time or apprenticeships are members of the Union. There is an executive team of students that are elected every year to represent your views and opinions and offer you the best college experience possible. The team is made up of President, Vice President, Secretary and Campus Officers for each campus. This ensures all students voices are heard across all of our campuses.

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The students' union is run by students for the students and is responsible for:

  1. Student representation across all sites and study programmes
  2. Social activities 
  3. Campaigns 
  4. Charity activities 
  5. Trips 

Our Values

The Students’ Union exists to make your lives as students better. One of the key ways we work to do this is ensure that your voice is heard on your course. We believe that students should be active partners in their learning while at college, and we work closely with departments and faculties to make changes that will benefit students.

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