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The School Liaison team help to bridge the gap between school and college by offering information, advice and guidance to school leavers about all things Weston! You may see us in your school delivering a presentation in assembly or through a school leaver event at college, either way be sure to come and say hello!
Our ethos at Weston is all about Careers not courses however, the first step towards your chosen career is through the right course and we are here to help you gain the information you need and get a taste of college life through our regular events to make your decision a little easier. 

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Come and take a look around the College!

We're excited to be able to offer guided tours around our campuses. Book your slot here and come and take a look around our facilities!

Year 11 students and parents, come and take a tour round campus and have a chat with a member of the School Liaison team about your options! If you are worried about not having all the information you need to make a decision about your next steps, we've allowed more time to be able to speak to you in more detail about your options, the application process and what you can expect from out enrolment journey.  You can leave us feeling reassured that you've taken the right step towards a brighter future. 

Terms and Conditions:

  • Tours are limited to three people at a time.
  • Please do not arrive on campus without a booking 
  • We encourage visitors to complete a lateral flow test with a negative result
  • All visitors are expected to sign in at reception and give personal contact details for track and trace purposes

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee that a specific member of staff from the curriculum area will be available during your tour.


Meet the Team

Anna Holton

School Liaison and IAG Manager
01934 422 765


Anna Holton at weston college courses for 16 years olds in weston super mare

Likes: A good curry, the body shop, Gogglebox and making people laugh.
Dislikes: Fussy eaters(Georgia!) bad time keeping and heights.
Proud moments: Gaining a Master’s degree whilst working and raising a family 


Looking back to when I was at school the options were either sixth form or get a job. I didn’t want either but opted for sixth form which I enjoyed but not for the work.

It transpired I’m not great an exams so failed my A levels and was convinced to retake at (a different) college and failed again. It was only when I was at college that I found out that there were other ways to learn and gain qualifications, perhaps if I had known this before I might have made a different decision about my next steps. I’ve now worked in FE for over 15 years providing careers guidance to students and school leavers, before that I supported adults to find work.

I feel strongly that experiences shape our understanding of the world and I feel very lucky to be able to support school leavers with opportunities to gain clarity about their next steps and future careers.

Georgia Wilde

School Liaison Officer
01934 422 764

Georgia Wilde School liaison officer at weston college


Likes: Beige food, Fake tan, LUSH, Family Guy, Primark Sprees, YouTube
Dislikes: Smelly foods (Tuna, eggs etc), Going abroad, Not getting enough sleep
Proud moments: Graduating (Twice!), Going Viral, Dance Medals, Shows at Playhouse, Getting my job at Weston College and winning 3 awards there.


When I left school I just copied what most of my friends did in terms of further education, I didn’t really think about what would work best for me, my goals/ambitions and how I worked best.

I was torn between academia and creativity (or as I saw it- fun), so in the end I just did what I thought you were ‘supposed’ to do, which was the more traditional route. I look back and think I would’ve done things differently had I had the chance to speak to someone like a School Liaison Officer about the transition from school to college.

My background is in Performing Arts, Filmmaking, Creative Media, and Marketing. Being a homebody and having lived in Weston all my life (and love it), working for Weston College is something that makes me very proud. My favourite thing about my role as a School Liaison Officer is getting to help, guide and support all the young people and families that I do. It feels nice to make a difference to young people.

Megan Said

School Liaison Officer
01934 411 178


megan sid school laison officer at weston college sixth form in weston super mare

Likes: Trashy reality shows, Christmas, CAKE!, Holidays, Interior Style (love a fancy hotel).
Dislikes: Being cold or tired, negative people, scary films.
Proud moments: Moving away from home and graduating from University, buying my first home.


When it came to choosing what to do when I left school I didn’t really have a clue what it meant long term. I just knew I wasn’t very academic so wanted something more hands on. This resulted in me changing direction a few times after leaving college and I felt a little bit lost.

Whilst I’m glad I followed what I thought was the right thing to do, if I had been given more in depth information about my next steps I would have been able to make a more informed choice and had a better understanding of where it could take me.

My background ranges from customer service, fashion and education. I’m super grateful to be able to use and share my experiences to help future learners better understand their options and the opportunities it can bring. I thrive from helping others and love being able to connect with young people and their families in the local community.


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