Assistive Technology

Expanding our assistive technology and enabling solutions area has allowed learners to develop more ways to overcome their difficulties, and enhance their independence.

Results have been outstanding. So much so, that we’re regularly asked to provide training for other colleges, external organisations, and specialist providers.

Our broad range of assistive technology includes:

  • Adapting computers to include alternative keyboards, mice, monitors, and height adjustable desks. Dictaphones, Flip cameras, and touchpad technology are also regular additions to the learning process.
  • Software like Read&Write Gold, ZoomText Magnifier and Reader, Dragon Naturally Speaking, iMindMap, and other mobile apps, improve access to web, computer, and smart technology- based resources, broadening access to information and helping address barriers to literacy.
  • Specialist training in assistive technology helps users understand each item’s purpose and function. It also provides guidance in context with their learning aims.

This helps the user be creative in their learning, reducing barriers to literacy and promoting study inclusion.


Learner feedback

"Using Dragon Naturally Speaking is much easier than reading and writing and you have fun while doing it...

"I really enjoyed today and felt a great sense of relief when I got the text into the word document correctly and I would encourage a friend to come along and learn it for themselves...

"Incredibly useful session for learning how to get text from other sources into an accessible format..."

Comments from Ofsted, 2013

"Learners take increasing responsibility for managing their own lives via the use of assistive technology."

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