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WorldSkills and the importance of competition experience


Employers look for highly skilled individuals. That’s why skills-based competitions can help you stand out in the employment market. Getting involved in competitions will enhance your technical abilities and help you develop employability skills such as:




Ability to work under pressure

WorldSkills is technical skills competitions that enables young people to showcase their skills to the highest standard.

The event features several stages – regional, national and international – and around 50 skills areas. These include beauty therapy, web design, hairdressing, cookery, electrical installation plus plumbing and heating.

WorldSkills UK aims to improve the prestige of apprenticeships and technical education, and inspire more young people to consider these as career routes.

Learners that have competed at WorldSkills and won national and international medals, have seen their development accelerate. They also inspire their classmates and future learners, who strive to follow in their footsteps.

In a recent survey, over 95% of competitors believed that taking part in the skill competitions improved their technical and employability skills, while more than 80% said it increased their confidence, team working, time management and ability to work under pressure.

This year Weston College learners are entering several skills competitions and hope to continue the success of recent years – see our WorldSkills ‘Timeline of Fame’ below.

To find out more speak to your tutor.

Competition process

  1. Competition registration/written entry based on a brief: March 
  2. Practical regional competitions: May-July 
  3. National finals: November 
  4. UK squad selection: December 
  5. Euro team UK selection: April 
  6. EuroSkills: September 
  7. WorldSkills team UK selection: March 
  8. WorldSkills Shanghai: September 

If you are interested in joining a WorldSkills competition, the next cycle starts in March. Speak with your tutor today.

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Coming up

If you’re up for the challenge, we currently compete in Beauty Therapy, CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Milling and Web Design.

Timeline of fame


Chloe Williams - Beauty therapy - Part of the UK talent selection squad
Joel Keen - CNC milling - Part of the UK talent selection squad
Thomas Griffin - Web design - Part of the UK talent selection squad
Zoe Clark - Beauty therapy - National finalist


Thomas Griffin - Web design - Gold
Jacob Skyrme - Web design - Silver
Chloe William – Beauty therapy - Regional finalist - Bronze
Ellie Haberfield – Beauty therapy - Regional finalist- Gold


Daniel Scott - IT software solutions for business - Bronze
Daniel Scott - IT software solutions for business - Regional finalist
Thomas Griffin - Web design - Regional finalist


Tommy Beaton - Web design - Bronze
Matthew Hamilton - Web design - Highly commended
Daniel Scott - IT software solutions for business - Silver

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